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This Is Banner Health Video - Full Transcription

Image: A young woman holds her toddler son as she speaks on-camera.

Text: Holly, patient:

Audio: “The care that my son and I received was exceptional. The nurses and the doctors were wonderful. We couldn’t have asked for anything more.”

Image: A young man speaks on-camera.

Text: Michael, patient:

Audio: “When I broke my leg at a soccer game, I came here to Banner Health where the outstanding health doctors and wonderful nurses helped me on my way to recovery.”

Image:  Montage of various patients’ faces.   

Audio:  Theme Music lowers to background music that resumes to end of video.

Image: Nurse and patient, standing at the nurses’ station, holding hands and talking. Physical Therapy patient, with prosthetic leg, is assisted by male and female therapists in exercise with step equipment.

Narration Audio: “You can see it in our commitment to our patients in dozens of communities from Alaska to Arizona...” 

Image: Yawning toddler rests on his mother’s lap.

Narration Audio:  “It’s reflected in the eyes of the family whose child has just received the highest quality care available anywhere.”

Image:  Two technicians on each side of a patient, who is undergoing imaging procedure.

Narration Audio:  “It’s demonstrated in the attitude of the employees who love what they do.”

Image:  Maternity patient holding newborn with visiting husband looking on.

Narration Audio:  “Our family taking care of your family.”

Image:  Female employee speaks on-camera.

Text: This is Banner Health

Audio:  “This is Banner Health…”

Image: Female employee speaks on-camera.

Text: Making a difference

Audio:  “…and our non-profit mission is making a difference in people’s lives...”

Image:  Male employee speaks on-camera.

Text: Through excellent patient care

Audio:  “…through excellent patient care.”

Montage of various employees assisting patients.

Image:  Male and female medical team reviewing patient’s records.

Narration Audio:  “Banner Health is a non-profit health system that provides…”

Image:  Female patient’s temperature being taken.

Narration Audio:  “…state-of-the-art healthcare combined with the highest…”

Image:  Same male and female medical team continues reviewing patients’ records.

Narration Audio:  “…level of service to provide a great patient experience.” 

Image: A woman holds a young boy; a patient in bed is rolled down a hallway; a physical therapist assists a patient.

Narration Audio:   “In addition to basic, emergency and medical care, we offer a variety of specialized services including…”

Text:  Heart Care, Pediatric Care, Alzheimer’s Research, Transplant Services, Medical Imaging, Neurosciences, Burn Treatment, Level I Trauma, High-Risk Obstetrics, Rehabilitation Services, Home Care, Hospice, Orthopedics

Narration Audio:  “…heart care, pediatric care, Alzheimer’s research and transplant services. Medical imaging, neurosciences, burn treatment, level I trauma, high-risk obstetrics, rehabilitation services, home care, Hospice, orthopedics.”

Image:  Montage of patient photos; male patient in bed is checked by a medical staff member.

Narration Audio:  “We’re using innovation and technology to help deliver medical excellence.”  “Investments in medical records…”

Image: Medical staff member using state-of-the-art, sophisticated equipment.

Narration Audio:  “…surgical robotics and simulation…”

Image:  Male employee monitors computerized data of simulation mannequins.

Narration Audio:  “…education are helping us provide…”

Image:  Female medical staff member monitors data of a simulation mannequin.

Narration Audio:  “…quality and safer patient care.” 

Image:  Female patient holds her newborn; close-up of newborn.

Narration Audio:   “We’ve implemented a documentation system to help make delivery safer for mothers and babies.  And our eICU technology allows physicians and nurses…”

Image:  Nurse monitors computer screens with patient information.

Narration Audio:   “…to monitor intensive care patients remotely so they can collaborate with…”

Image:  Nurse, seated at patient’s bedside, converses with female patient while holding hands.

Narration Audio:  “…care givers at the bedside, improving care.”

Image:  Phoenix, AZ skyline

Narration Audio:  “Banner Health is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona and operates facilities in seven western states.”

Image: U.S. Map (blue) with the state of Arizona highlighted (pale yellow).  The map image changes and highlights six more states, Arizona, Colorado, Alaska, California, Nevada, Wyoming and Nebraska, one-by-one. 

Text: AZ, CO, AK, CA, NV, WY, NE, respectively. 

Image:  Exterior and interior views of various Banner Health services facilities.

Text: More than 20 Hospitals
 Surgery Centers
Narration Audio:  “We have more than 20 hospitals, out-patient surgery centers, clinics, and an array of other health service facilities available.

Images: Three photos (simultaneous): physical therapy patient; woman and young boy; mother holding her newborn. A male staff member takes a female patient’s blood pressure reading.

Narration Audio:   “Banner Health is a great place to work.”

Image: Two female staff members (seated next to each other) pleasantly converse at the nurses’ station.

Narration Audio:  “We offer impressive benefits and opportunities…”

Image:  Mark Smith, Medical Director of Simulation Education and Training Center at Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix, works with an infant simulation doll.

Narration Audio:  “…in order to attract and retain the best and the brightest who want…”

Image:  Male and female therapists assist a young man in a walking exercise

Narration Audio:  “…to make Banner Health their career journey…”

Image:  Male medical staff member reviews data on the computer.

Narration Audio “…and who are committed to fulfilling our mission of providing excellent patient care.”

Image: Sean speaks on-camera.

Text: Sean, employee

Audio:  “Banner offers lots of opportunity for me to grow and advance in my career.”

Image:  Susan speaks on-camera.

Text: Susan, employee.

Audio:  “I go home feeling like I’ve accomplished something, like I’ve really helped someone.”

Image:  A female employee wipes down mobile medical equipment.

Narration Audio:  “We boast a diverse workforce…”

Image:  Male technician wearing medical face mask sets up x-ray machine for reclined patient.

Narration Audio:  “…are a leading employer in the communities we serve, and are the…”

Image:  Male employee assists a male patient, using walker, down a corridor.

Narration Audio:   “…second largest employer in Arizona.”

Image:  Susan speaks on-camera.

Text: Susan, employee

Audio:  “My skills and experience are very well respected here at Banner Health.”

Image:  Erika speaks on-camera.

Text: Erika, employee

Audio:  “We’ve got the best people and the latest technology to care for our patients.”

Images: Montage of photos of Banner Health employees’ participation in various community charitable events

Narration Audio:  “At Banner, we’re committed to making our communities healthier places to live. We support many annual charitable events…”

Images: Montage continues with event photos and logos.

Narration Audio:  “…like Heart Walk, Race for the Cure, and the Alzheimer’s Memory Walk.”

Image:  An employee and patient converse.

Narration Audio:  “We’re also reaching out to our communities with much needed services, including…”

Text: School Based Clinics
Health and Safety Fairs
Health Screenings.

Narration Audio:  “…school based clinics, health and safety fairs, and health screenings.” 

Image: Two employees review information on computer screen.

Narration Audio:  “Banner Health is deeply committed to providing the highest quality clinical care and a great patient care experience to…”

Image:  A male employee greets a patient in hospital bed with a smile and a handshake.

Narration Audio:  “…all people in need…”

Image:  Mature female patient works out on cardio equipment.

Narration Audio:  “…regardless of their ability to pay...”

Image:  A male patient being rolled along in his hospital bed.

Narration Audio:   “…whether in our hospital beds…”,

Image:  Three EMTs wheel in a patient on a gurney.

Narration Audio:  “…our emergency departments…”

Image: Nurses station where a medical staff member is conversing with a patient while another medical staff member works at a computer.

Narration Audio:  “…our out-patient centers, or at home in their own communities.”

Image: Female employee sitting on bench in outdoor garden speaks on camera.

Text: This is Banner Health.

Audio:  “This is Banner Health.”

Image: Female employee standing on stairway speaks on camera.

Text: Making a difference.

Audio:  “And our non-profit mission is making a difference in people’s lives…”

Image: Male employee speaks to camera.

Text: Through excellent patient care.

Audio:  “…through excellent patient care.”

Image: Black background

Text: Banner Health copyright 2010

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