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How Banner iCare™ helps Banner patients


Banner Health was one of the first hospital systems in the country to use Banner iCare™ for intensive care patients.

Under Banner iCare™, a patient receives bedside care but also is monitored remotely by a specially trained crew of nurses and physicians who could be hundreds of miles away. In fact, Banner Health has gone global and works with Israeli health care providers to help provide around-the-clock monitoring.

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How Banner iCare™ strengthens patient care
From her virtual office hundreds of miles away from the actual hospital, Banner iCare nurse Alice checked in on a patient who had an elevated heart rate and low oxygen blood saturation levels on the monitor.

The patient was having an asthma attack and the Rapid Response Team was called.

While many people on the hospital floor were helping with this patient, Alice, from her offsite location, continued watching the monitors for all patients on that floor. She noticed another patient who had an elevated heart rate and trouble breathing. Alice was able to alert other caregivers and help this patient as well.

Extra back-up
The bedside nurse, Oscar, was concerned about a patient but he was also very busy with other patients. He thought the patient might be turning septic. He called the Banner iCare nurse Linda in the virtual office and asked her to watch the patient extra closely. She looked at the labs and put the camera on the patient and agreed that the patient’s condition was changing.

From her virtual office, Linda called a physician and had him look at the patient. He agreed that the patient was becoming septic and had the patient moved to a progressive care unit. Oscar was freed up to care for other patients and the patient was moved to a unit that could provide a more appropriate level of care.

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