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The Partnership for Patient Safety between Banner Health and Arizona State University

This project was funded under grant U18 HS 15921-02 from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The project was co-led by Twila Burdick and Jeffery K. Cochran who organized the Partnership for Patient Safety between Banner Health and Arizona State University.

Burdick is System Vice President of Organizational Performance at Banner Health, in the Care Management Division.  She has been employed by Banner since 1983.  In her current role, she provides administrative direction for Management Engineering, Case and Quality Management, Clinical Outcomes, and a number of systemwide Care Management teams focusing on measuring and improving operational and clinical performance. She holds a Master's Degree in Business Administration from the University of Montana. 

During the time of this project, Cochran was Professor of Industrial Engineering in the Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering at Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona, and a Director of the Health and Human Systems Laboratory there.  Dr. Cochran received his PhD from Purdue University in 1984.  His research and teaching interests focus on optimization of stochastic models of large-scale systems including high technology manufacturing, hospital, transportation, and supply chain systems.   His industrial experience includes Battelle Labs, the Los Alamos National Lab, NASA's LARS Lab, and dozens of funded research projects.  He is an author of over 100 scholarly publications, and serves on four journal editorial boards. He is currently Professor and Department Head of Operational Sciences at the Air Force Institute of Technology at Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio of Industrial Engineering.

Other team members included:

  • Richard A. Andrews, MBA, Banner Health Management Engineering Director at Banner Desert Medical Center
  • James Broyles, BS, ASU PhD Student
  • Mary Ellen Bucco, MBA, Banner Health Management Engineering Director at Banner Gateway Medical Center
  • David Datz, MBA, Banner Health Western Region Management Engineering Director
  • Steven C. Kisiel, MS, Banner Health Arizona Region Management Engineering Director
  • Chris Modena, RN, MBA/HCM, Banner Health Door to Doc Project Coordinator
  • Kevin Roche, MS, ASU PhD Student
  • Kathie Orlay, BS, Banner Health Organizational Development and Learning Director
  • Jill Howard, MS, Banner Health Performance Improvement Director

In addition, the contributions of Banner leadership and staff who have worked to make these improvements must be acknowledged.  The list includes (but is not limited to) the following teams and team members:

  • ED Oversight Team 
  • Rhonda Anderson, BDMC, Co-Leader
  • Chris Price, MD, BMMC, Co-Leader
  • Deb Krmpotic, CNO, BBMC
  • Gayle Cassidy, Assoc Admin, BDMC
  • Charlie Agee, MD, CMO, BEMC
  • Colleen Hallberg, CNO, BGSMC
  • Sheri Dahlstrom, CNO, BMMC
  • Kathy Scott, RVP, Clinical Services
  • Julie Firman-Jones, CNO, MMC
  • Joanne Fenton, CAO, NCMC
  • Dale Schultz, VP, Risk Mgmt
  • Craig Jensen, Director, Planning
  • Judy Van Norman, System Director, CT
  • Diane Rogers, System Director, Clinical Risk Intervention
  • John Hurst, MD, NCMC
  • Scott Kurbat, MD, BTMC
  • Chris Modena, ED Design Team Co-Leader
  • Kathryn Perkins, MD, CRI-ED
  • John Hensing, Sr VP and CMO

ED Design Team:

  • Mindy Richardson , ED Design Team Co-Leader
  • Mary Ellen Bucco, ME Director
  • Helen Lindsley, BDMC
  • Tracey Schlosser, BEMC
  • Emma Edwards, BEMC
  • Heather Bosneck, BGSMC
  • Aaron Seaman, BMMC
  • Katie White, BMMC
  • Karen Zitterguen, BTMC
  • Sue Copeland, BTMC
  • Brenda Hope, MMC
  • Jody Meuse, MMC
  • Nancy Carrington, NCMC
  • Marilyn Sykes, NCMC
  • Pat Hofer, IT
  • Molly Van Horn , IT
  • Patty Williams, FMH
  • Jeanne Schuppe, Sterling
  • Loni Kast, Care Transformation

Physician Design Team:

  • Richard Andrews, BH, Co-Group Facilitator/Leader
  • Dale Shultz, BH Co-Group Facilitator/Leader
  • Dr. Chris Price, BMMC
  • Dr. John Raife, BGSMC & BEMC
  • Dr. John Hurst, NCMC
  • Dr. Thomas Kupka, BBMC
  • Dr. Scott Kurbat, BTMC
  • Dr. Rodney Ohmart, BDMC
  • Dr. Tanya Kne, BDMC
  • Dr. Mark Dixon, McKee
  • Dr. Robert Baron, BGSMC
  • Dr. Alan Walsh, BDMC
  • Dr. Trina Bogart, BTMC

ED Design Support Team:

  • Lynn Coiya, BBMC P.R.
  • Kathie Orlay, ODL
  • Lorri Sexton, CM/OP Project Management
  • Myra Schultz, Care Transformation
  • Lynn Finck, Project Management
  • Vince Placido, ME
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