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Banner Simulation System at McKee Medical Center - Full Transcription


Audio:  Brakes SCREECH. A CRASH. An emergency HORN BLASTS.

Image: An active heart monitoring screen fills frame.

Audio:  Dramatic background music.

Audio (911 Operator):  “911. What's your emergency? Help is on the way.”

Images: Multiple images of victim and first responders at the scene of an emergency; footage of physicians and various medical staff at the hospital as they prepare for the emergency arrival; footage of the North Colorado Medical Center’s Med Evac as it descends and lands at the hospital’s heliport; the crash victim is quickly but gently transported by gurney from the helicopter to the hospital elevator. The doors close and….

Image: …the heart monitor re-appears.

Image: The emergency room bustles with activity; hospital E.R. staff attends the victim, and first responders are still present.

Audio:  Background music shifts to upbeat thematic.

Narrator Audio: “What if you or a family member were on that table? Wouldn't you want to know that your caregiver's had every opportunity to train for that moment? That opportunity to learn, perfect clinical skills and to develop outstanding teamwork can become a reality at McKee Medical Center.”

Image: Exterior shot of McKee Medical Center; an instructor lectures students during a training session; trainees view equipment.

Text: Banner Health SimET Center

Audio:  “We've already seen success at Banner Health first Sim Center at Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix.

Images: Exterior shot of Banner Health SimET Center; Interior shots of training room, the SiMET Emergency Bay and SiMET O.R.; Footage of trainees as they work with ‘Sim’ patients; shot of Intensive Care Room and Surgical suite.

Text: SiMET Emergency Bay,  SiMET O.R.

Audio:  “Teams across Banner Health have come to this center for a unique training experience. The center offers a variety of different clinical studies including an emergency bay, an intensive care room and a surgical suite.”

Images: Close-ups of Sim patients and their various working parts, particularly those within the head and vital organs regions; an infant Sim; shot of laptop screen that reflects MicroSim programming options.

Audio: “Each area is equipped with medical simulators that breathe, blink, code, seize, bleed and even speak to tell us their symptoms. They have pulses breath sounds, and they can be programmed to imitate any number of medical emergencies or complications.”

Image: A door identified as ‘Virtual Reality’ swings open and reveals high tech equipment for virtual reality surgeries and procedures; staff members work with surgical simulators; other staff demonstrate the broad capabilities and range of virtual reality surgery; shots of medical students as observers and participants; physicians teach and demonstrate; a heart patient Sim and a pregnant Sim are worked on by trainees in simulated cardiac and labor episodes, respectively.

Audio:  “In addition, a virtual reality room allow staff to perform virtual surgeries and procedures. Joint research with Arizona State University allows us to make the sensation of virtual surgery frighteningly close to the real thing. Other projects help us track surgeons' hand movements allowing the new surgeons to compare skills with the expert. All disciplines and all specialties are invited to use this space for training and skills assessment. It is a safe consequence-free environment where all are invited to learn and make mistakes as part of the process. In fact, it is through errors that they may learn their best lessons. This is also a space where staff can perfect commonly performed skills, like inserting chest tubes, intubating a patient and starting central lines. Some teams look for training and resuscitation of a patient or delivering a baby. Beyond skills and technology, team-based training is an important part of the Simulation Center.”

Image: Mark Smith speaks on-camera

Text: Mark Smith, M.D. - Medical Director of SimET Center

Audio:  “The aviation industry has used flight simulation for years to lower its error rates, and presently it has one the lowest error rates of any industry in the world. We're now starting to use a second technique they've used, that being ‘crew resource management’ or simply – ‘team training’.”

Images: Training sessions in progress; Trainees check vitals of a Sim patient; various shots of first responders aka emergency medical personnel on the job; footage of emergency medical personnel as they work with Sim patients at the center.

Text: Training, Teamwork

Narrator Audio resumes:  “Through this aviation-inspired course, teams learn they are equally responsible for the outcome of the case. Each is required to participate and communicate in a way that is safest for the patient. All have an equal voice. Groups that know about the importance of teamwork, emergency medical personnel, also train here at the Simulation Center. We recognize that first responders play a vital role in patient care and want to be sure they, too, have the best practice environment.”

Images: Exterior shot of McKee Medical Center; a map of Colorado; multiple shots of trainees and Sims.

Audio:  “And now McKee Medical Center has the opportunity to bring this leading technology to Northern Colorado, to create a regional center.”

Image: Rick Sutton speaks on-camera.

Text: Rick Sutton - Chief Executive Officer McKee Medical Center

Audio:  “Our goal, we provide physicians, nursing staff and other health care professionals a safe practice environment to develop and maintain their clinical skills, enhance our teamwork approach and ensure improved patient care. At McKee we welcome our colleagues from throughout the region to visit our training center and encourage them to take advantage of these amazing educational opportunities.”

Image: Carla Hall speaks on-camera

Text: Carla Hall RN - Clinical Nurse Educator McKee Medical Center

Audio:  “ We have used simulation to practice mock codes, to give participants the opportunity to practice their ACLS skills, basic life support skills and helping them practice scenarios that they may not get to see on a frequent basis.”

Image: Computer-generated image of a Sim head; multiple photos of trainees working with Sims superimpose the Sim image; vitals monitor; Close on Sim as the eyes blink.

Text: Banner Health logo - Banner Health

Banner Simulation System at McKee Medical Center

Banner Health logo
Banner Health
Banner Simulation System at Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix

Narrator Audio resumes:  “It will be a vital link between existing mobile simulation services and the system at Banner Good Samaritan. It will help develop and expand skills of all health care professionals in all disciplines and in all specialties…”.

Image: Patient engaged in conversation with a visitor; a trainee inspects the mouth of a Sim.

Text: Banner Health logo
Banner Health:  “We exist to make a difference in people’s lives through excellent patient care.”

Audio:  “To continue our mission to provide excellent patient care.”

Image: Julie Johnson Haffner speaks on-camera.

Text: Julie Johnson Haffner - Executive Director

Audio:  “The Sim Center at McKee Medical Center is important to Northern Colorado and to the western region, because it really focuses on excellent patient care and patient safety. Patient safety is something's that's always important to health care facilities, but never more so than now.”

Image: Instructor and trainees at a Sim’s bedside.

Audio:  “And we want to make sure that our physicians…”

Image: A staff member checks the vitals of a child Sim.

Audio:  “…our nurses, our technicians here at McKee and across Northern Colorado…”

Image: Julie Johnson Haffner, continues on-camera.

Audio:  “… this is the finest training that we can offer our health care professionals right now. And your gift will make this center a reality. One hundred percent of your gift will go to the project funds, and we are looking to build this center within the next year. We have to raise over a million dollars to make that happen. Your gift, your time, your talent, your treasure are all important to this project. We hope that you will participate, that you will consider patient safety and excellent patient care one of your priorities and will give to this project today. We invite you to take a look at our web site. Join us today. Your gift is very important. Corporate friends, we thank you for your time, your talent and your treasure that you've given in the past. We hope that you will work with us in the future making Simulation Center possible here at McKee Medical Center.”

Audio:  Background music fades.

Simulation Education at Banner Health
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