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At Banner Health, our aim is to offer a variety of useful health-related tips and information that help families improve their quality of life. We're a proud partner of Spirit of Women, a national coalition of hospitals that aims to promote healthy choices and lifestyles among women and their families.

In our latest series of eNewsletters, we have focused on including tons of wellness information for the entire family, from tips on calorie-cutting and the biggest health issues to watch out for among men to eating organic on a budget. 

Banner Health also has a convenient network of health centers and clinics close to home. So, should you have the need to see a physician for a routine annual physical, a back-to-school well check, a gynecological issue or more, you can be sure to find one nearby.

eConnect July 2014

Legs imageWhy Adults Must Learn to Swim

Many of us think of drowning as something that happens only to children. But adults are at risk too, and many drown each year, even in a seemingly harmless pool. So some of those tips you hear about often for drowning prevention apply to not just the little ones at home. Read on to learn how to enjoy the water safely and maybe even save a life. 

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