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In Arizona, Banner Health, the state's largest health care provider, offers several programs to improve our communities' health; many are supported by Arizona foundations.

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kids on field tripHealth education:
Banner Health offers health education for all levels of students.

Every year, Page Hospital invites hundreds of kindergartners to learn about hospitals and hand washing.  Banner Estrella Medical Center works closely with nearby Sheeley Farms Elementary School.

At Banner Gateway Medical Center, almost 100 kids come to the hospital every month to learn about different health careers as part of the Highland High School's Career Club.

At Banner Sun Health Research Institute, 18 high school seniors and college undergraduates participate in a paid internship to work with nationally renowned physicians and researchers.

Banner Baywood, Banner Desert, Banner Gateway and  
Banner Heart Hospital

health screeningsCommunity Health Nurse:
Banner Health brings health care services to those who can't easily access them.

Every month, a community health nurse visits 25 communities in the east Phoenix metro area. She has seen as many as 1,600 patients in one month.

She checks blood pressure and blood glucose and provides education and counseling to patients who don't have a physician or may have trouble getting to their doctor's offices.


Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix 

Trauma prevention:
The aim of the injury prevention coordinator at Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix is to help prevent trauma incidents in the community.

As part of the hospital's trauma prevention program, the coordinator  works to keep the community accident-free by participating in health fairs, seat belt education programs and health education for high school and elementary-school kids. Information is also presented at other safety workshops.

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