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think greenAs a leading nonprofit health care system, Banner Health believes in being a good steward of our community resources, including
the environment.

Our systemwide Think GREEN Program has members from throughout our 24-hospital organization who help create programs that reduce our impact on the environment.

We strongly believe that being environmentally conscious is the right thing to do - fiscally and ethically.

Paper Recycling

In 2013 Banner's focus on recycling paper paid off; our efforts saved:

  • more than 18,140 trees
  • over seven million gallons of water
  • more than 3.6 million kwh of electricity 

Instrument Reprocessing
Our reprocessing program diverted more than 117,000 pounds of waste in 2013. It also reduced the environmental impact of manufacturing and transporting new devices.

Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal
In 2013, the Banner pharmaceutical waste program diverted 167,255 pounds of pharmaceutical waste from the environment.

Reusable Sharps Containers
In 2013, Banner Health estimates we have eliminated over 190 tons of potential plastic and packaging waste by utilizing reusable containers in our facilities. These containers safely hold used medical "sharps'' - needles, scalpels and other devices prior to disposal. This translates into an estimated cost savings of over $30,000.

Most importantly, the reusable sharps container program has reduced the amount of handling of the containers for our staff - which reduces the chance for injury.

Other Recycling
Batteries, bulbs, used oil, cardboard and other items are recycled through our waste vendors. Banner Health estimates over 143 tons of cardboard and over 19 tons of batteries were recycled in 2013.



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