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Journey Spotlight:
Mike, Online Services Consultant

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Journey Spotlight: Mike Wallace - Full Transcription

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Journey Spotlight

Text: Kyla Hill, Banner Correspondent
Image: Kyla Hill and Mike Wallace. Kyla uses a handheld microphone during the interview.

Audio:  “Welcome everybody, to another edition of Journey Spotlight. I’m Kyla Hill from HR. We’re here today at the Corporate Center in Phoenix, and we’re talking to Mike Wallace who currently works at Corporate.”

Text: Mike Wallace, Online Services
Image: Kyla Hill and Mike Wallace

Wallace Audio:  “Yes. I work in online services. We maintain all the websites for Banner.”

Hill Audio:  “Okay. And your journey with Banner didn’t start with your professional career. You, as well as some family members, were actually born at Good Samaritan?”

Wallace Audio:  “Yes, actually. Back in 1931, my dad’s twin brothers were both born over at Good Sam, and my dad was born there. Me and four of my siblings were born there, and then my wonderful wife and three kids were born there as well.”

Hill Audio:  “And there are also a couple of your family members that work for Banner, correct?”

Wallace Audio:  “Yes. My brother works over at Good Sam running the computer lab that I used to run, and then my kids work in IT.”

Hill Audio:  “And so, take us back 24 years ago. What brought you to Banner?”

Wallace Audio:  “You know, I needed money so I got a part-time job. I had a friend of mine that worked here. She suggested putting in for transporter across the street, so that’s how it started.”

Hill Audio:  “And over that 24 years I can imagine that you’ve had a couple of different positions. What were those positions?”

Wallace Audio:  “I’ve had six positions. I started as transporter. I worked in the linen room, went over to SPD which delivers supplies to the floors. I worked for Samaritan Home Health, ran a computer lab over at Good Sam, and then now I work in online services.”

Hill Audio:  “And so going back to that position that you held at the computer lab at Good Samaritan, you were part of one of the biggest innovations, pretty much of our time right now, bringing the internet to Good Samaritan. What was that like?”

Wallace Audio:  “It was a lot of fun. You know libraries need to be able to communicate and share resources, and so we used e-mail for that and the internet. And so we realized that the rest of the organization could use that and started signing up people with dial-up accounts. And then after that we created the first website so that we’d actually have a web presence out on the internet.”

Hill Audio:  “So to think the first website was created by you, that’s pretty neat.”

Wallace Audio:  “It was a lot of fun. It was a good learning experience for me, and it’s been very good for me as far as my career goes.”

Hill Audio:  “And what would you tell somebody just walking by one of our facilities or even the corporate center. What would you tell them about Banner?”

Wallace Audio:  “I always tell people, if they’re looking for a job to try at Banner first, because they’ve got great benefits and you really can grow. I mean, the leaders really do help you grow and with the vacation time that you get, you’re able to spend a lot of time with your family; and to me, that’s important to me.”

Hill Audio:  “Wonderful. Well thank you for joining us today.”

Image: Kyla Hill concludes interview.

Audio:  “And as you’ve heard Mike’s story, Mike’s journey is just one of over 35,000 other Banner journeys that make Banner such a great place to work. So we’ll see you next time on Journey Spotlight.”

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