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Journey Spotlight:
Shannon, Environmental Services

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Journey Spotlight: Shannon Vandekrol - Full Transcription

Audio:  Opening Theme Music

Image: Animation effect of “Journey Spotlight” title (a spotlight moves across frame and reveals the words against a black background.)

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Journey Spotlight

Text: Kyla Hill, Banner Correspondent

Image: Kyla Hill and Shannon Vandekrol. Kyla uses a handheld microphone that displays the Banner Health name and logo.

Audio:  “Welcome, everyone, to another edition of Journey Spotlight. I’m Kyla Hill from corporate HR, and we’re joined today with Shannon. Let’s talk a little bit about you here at Banner. How long have you been with Banner, and what is your current position here?”

Text: Shannon Vandekrol, Environmental Services

Image: Shannon Vandekrol

Audio:  “I have been with Banner for three years, and I am an EVS.”

Image: Shannon (and Kyla) sit on the floor. The dog (Rogue) lies on the floor between them.

Hill Audio:  “And Shannon, tell us about this little dog we have here in front of us. What’s her name, and how long have you had her for?”

Vandekrol Audio:  “This is Rogue, I have had her for five years. She’s my medical alert dog, she alerts me to seizures before I have them.”

Hill Audio:  “Rogue here is kind of your partner in crime. She goes everywhere with you.”

Vandekrol Audio:  “Yes she does, except for the zoo and the swimming pool.”

Hill Audio:  “How do people here that you work with take to Rogue?”

Vandekrol Audio:  “For the most part they seem to really love her.”

Hill Audio:  “And what has it meant to you to have Banner make the accommodations for you to be able to work with her?”

Vandekrol Audio:  “It has been the world. Now I don’t have to worry about, am I going to be sick today? Can I handle work today? Am I going to have a seizure? Am I going to collapse somewhere? I know that if I’m going to have a problem Rogue will let me know beforehand, and I don’t have to worry about it.”

Image: Hill pets the dog intermittently.

Hill Audio:  “It’s got to be comforting for you to have the support from Banner. How has your staff members supported Rogue, you know, your family, I know that they’ve done some super nice things for you.”

Vandekrol Audio:  “They have been incredible. It’s just been unbelievable. They’ve paid for her surgery. They’ve given us gifts at Christmas. They’ve helped pay for other medical stuff. They’ve just, anything and everything they could possibly do. They’re always… even mental support, everything -- emotional, they’re always there.”

Hill Audio:  “Well I thank you so much, Shannon, for joining us and Rogue here too. You guys have been wonderful. And thank you to all the Banner leaders and Banner employees who help make Banner such a great place to work. We’ll see you next time on Journey Spotlight.”

EOE/Female/Minority/Disability/Veterans. Banner Health supports a drug-free work environment.
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