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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get started? How do I make a referral?
Simply click on one of the referral buttons to start your referral:

ERP Physician ERP

What if I forget my password?
Forgot your login name or password? Retrieve Login/Password.

How do I collect my rewards?
If your referral is hired, expect your reward to be included in your pay check as soon as all referral requirements are met.  See question “When can I expect to receive the payout?” for payout requirements.

Position types that ARE eligible for payouts:

  • FA - full time
  • PA - part time

Are my rewards subject to taxes?
Yes, rewards are subject to Federal, State and FICA taxes.

What are the payout amounts?

  • Hard-to-fill full-time $1,500
  • Hard-to-fill part-time $750

When can I expect to receive the payout?
For all positions, you will receive the first half after your referral has completed 16 hours of work and the second half after your referral has completed six (6) months of work.

Am I entitled to a payout if I submit a referral, but that referral doesn't name me as the referring employee?
No, Only the employee identified by the new hire will be eligible for the reward.

Is there a limit to the number of employees that I can refer?

How do I know if a position is eligible for referral rewards?
Eligible positions will be designated as needed on the Rules page.

I referred someone to an ERP eligible position prior to January 22.  If the position was eligible for an ERP reward under the previous rules and the referral was hired, will I receive a reward?
All eligible referrals whose applications were received on or before January 22, 2013 will be honored and payouts to the referring individual will be made per the program guidelines in place prior to this change.

Can hiring managers refer candidates?
Yes, but if they have accountability for the position, they are excluded from receiving the reward. When hiring managers refer a candidate for a position they do not have accountability for, they are eligible to receive a referral reward.

Can Banner Health's human resources employees (systemwide) refer candidates?
Yes, Banner Health's human resources can refer candidates, but they are not eligible to receive a referral reward.

Can director level and above employees (systemwide) refer candidates?
Yes, directors can refer candidates, but they are not eligible to receive a referral reward.

Can a referring employee who leaves Banner Health before the referred employee reaches his/her six (6) month anniversary still receive the second half of the hard-to-fill reward?
No. The referring employee must be in active status at the time they refer the candidate and at the time of the reward receipt.

If I am unknowingly named as a referring employee when a candidate applies for a job on the Banner Health Career Center, how will I be notified?
You will receive the bonus on your pay check when the new hire has completed all eligibility requirements. 

Does Banner Staffing Services participate in the ERP?
Under Banner's current ERP policy, employees who refer a candidate for registry (status code - RA) positions on ERP.BannerHealth.com are not eligible to receive a referral reward.

Banner Staffing Services (registry and traveler positions) does have its own version of the employee referral program that rewards employees for select positions only. Please contact (480) 684-6400 for more information.

Are physicians eligible to receive a reward?

If a current, referring employee refers a candidate who had his/her education funded by Banner Health, is s/he eligible to receive a referral reward?

Will alterations or Reward approvals be made after the referral has started on his/her hire date?
No, alterations to Reward payouts or approval of a Reward will not be allowed after the applicant has started on his/her hire date.

I submitted my referral to a job. Will my referral be able to apply for other jobs?  Your referral is not limited to applying to the one job in which he/she was referred.

Who can I contact if my questions have not been answered in the Rules tab or this FAQs tab?
Please contact the Banner Employee Referral Team

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