Stars of the Season Impact  

A Look Back


Now in its sixth year, Stars of the Season is a driving force of innovation at Banner Children’s at Cardon Children’s Medical Center. Led by the charismatic Advisory Council of Cardon Children’s Medical Center, the annual fundraising soirée has helped to usher in a new level of stardom to Banner Health while raising much-needed funds for some of the most important pediatric health care programs and services.

Year 1 - 2010
In its inaugural year, Stars of the Season 2010 supported Integrative Pain Management at Cardon Children’s Medical Center. Using both pharmacologic and integrative therapies, the program helps pediatric patients of all ages cope with pain and work toward a quicker recovery.

Year 2 - 2011
In 2011, proceeds from Stars of the Season paved the way for creation of the Pediatric Rehabilitation Center at Cardon Children’s. Delivering an array of inpatient and outpatient therapy services, the center offers everything from speech, physical and occupational therapy, to aquatic therapy, hand therapy, sensory integration and more.

Year 3 - 2012
Guests, sponsors and supporters of the 3rd annual Stars of the Season took the mission to heart when they came together to support pediatric heart surgery in 2012. Caring for children with congenital heart defects and other life-threatening heart conditions, heart care experts at Cardon Children’s give new hope to children and families facing pediatric heart disease.

Year 4 - 2013
The fourth year of Stars of the Season, held in October 2013, was rooted in a commitment to giving families time and togetherness. Proceeds supported expansion of the Level III neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) at Cardon Children’s. Specifically, funds will develop private patient rooms that enable families of some of Banner Health’s smallest and most fragile patients to stay together throughout the care continuum.

Year 5 - 2014
Last year, Stars of the Season celebrated its fifth anniversary with a focus on improving care, coping and outcomes for children facing cancer by establishing integrative cancer care at Cardon Children’s Medical Center. Taking into account the unique spiritual, emotional, medical and cultural needs of each patient, cancer care experts at Cardon Children’s are establishing a holistic care approach that incorporates such integrative therapies as music therapy, massage therapy, pet therapy, counseling, yoga, meditation, healing arts therapy and more.

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