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What Matters Most Video - Full Transcription

Image: a scene of the interior of a busy hospital.

Audio: Video opens with simple music

Audio: Chances are... there’s a lot you don’t know about Banner Health.

[ pediatrics section ]

Image: We are looking down a hallway, and walking towards the camera is a doctor, a father, and a child in a cast sitting in a wheelchair being pushed by a nurse. The doctor is reading her chart and taps the child's cast lightly with a smile as she gives some unheard instructions. A voice-over begins talking as they reach the lobby, where the doctor kneels down to talk some more to the kid with a smile.

Audio: You may not know that we provide kids' emergency care 24/7 to the Valley.

From tummy aches and broken bones to serious health issues, Banner Children’s doctors, nurses, and specialists bring industry-leading care to all of Arizona's little ones.

Health care professionals who have one priority…to take care of your child’s wellness so you can take care of your child.

[ Alzheimer's section ]

Image: An elderly couple is sitting at a desk, waiting… holding hands. As the voice-over begins, a specialist sits down across from them, smiling. The specialist gives both of them a hug before they begin an unheard discussion.

Audio: You may not know that Banner Alzheimer's Institute is teaming with renowned scientists from around the world to end Alzheimer’s before another generation is lost.

Image: Their interview ends, and the specialist hands them some Alzheimer's instructional documentation as he helps the elderly couple to their feet. The elderly woman gives the man (her husband) a kiss as they get into their car to leave, and the specialist closes the car door for him, smiling and waving goodbye as they pull away.

Audio: From prevention research to innovative treatments to an unparalleled model of care for patients and their families, we’re determined to fight this disease.

[ oncology section ]

Image: A woman is sitting in a doctor's office, not smiling as she looks down at a breast cancer informational pamphlet. Camera cuts to wider shot, and there is a female doctor present. She has an iPad. She touches the “get patient history” button, and imagery and test results are displayed... which she then uses to talk through with the woman patient. She reaches over and places her hand on the woman's shoulder, nodding as she begins encouraging her about the next steps (again, none of the words are heard).

Audio: You may not know that every year, over 10,000 lives in Arizona are forever altered because of a cancer diagnosis.

Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center stands ready – merging the "high tech" world of medicine with the "high touch" needs of our communities' cancer patients and their families.

Our programs integrate patient care, research, prevention and education... so that our families, friends, and neighbors can get back to their lives.

Image: The woman hugs her doctor as she leaves the room, picking up her purse and a wrapped gift
on her way out.

Audio: But most important of all, you may not realize that this industry-leading, community-focused organization is a nonprofit health care system; reinvesting nearly every dollar we earn into new or expanding patient care services, new technologies, community health education programs, research and more...all with the goal of building stronger, healthier communities.

So while Banner Health works every day to provide a foundation for Arizona’s wellness, we can only be at our best with the gifts and support of the communities we serve.

Image: Scene cuts to a neighborhood park. Father and son make their way to a picnic table, where the two elderly people are waiting, along with a half-dozen of other people of different ages. There is a birthday cake and gifts on the table. The woman arrives with her gift and walks up, everyone is smiling as the kid in the cast stands over the cake and blows out the candle.

Audio: So there’s a lot you may not have known about us. And that's okay.

There’s really just one thing we’d like
you to know.

We believe the single most important thing we can do is continue to invest all that we have into taking care of you that you can take care of what is really most important.

Image: Banner Health Foundation/Banner Alzheimer’s Foundation logo

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