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Angel's Story: Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center

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Banner Volunteers Make For Excellent Patient Care: Angel's Story - Full Transcription

Text: Banner Volunteers Make For Excellent Patient Care

Image:  Angel Lopez, speaks on-camera

Image:  Angel Lopez
Volunteer/Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center 

Audio: “What I get out of volunteering is the experience of working with patients, working in the health care environment. Obviously, medicine is something I wanted to go into so I wanted the experience of being in the hospital, what it is to be with patients and what it is to work with doctors and nurses. Patient transport is big as an emergency room volunteer because there are usually only a few techs that are around, so obviously they’re running they’re doing blood samples or anything else they need to be doing. And so just being able to transport patients to their rooms, to ultrasound, things like that it’s a huge – just a huge burden off the shoulders of the techs.

I definitely believe that my – my experiences at Banner has really helped me. I actually wrote about it in my personal statement about experiences with patient care. Just helping them with simple things, you know, bringing them water, bringing them blankets you don’t know how much that changes their perspective on the hospital. I mean I know that I have had a few patients tell me how like my smile is has brightened their day despite, you know, being in the hospital at 9:00 at night. And so it’s – it’s honestly that’s really changed my perspective on what medicine is and what health care is. And so I think it’s eventually will help me in my future career as a doctor. So.

So what I would tell people interested in volunteering is – is go for it. Don’t be shy because the biggest thing is that you have to be out there and open about what you want to do. Because a lot of people go in volunteering obviously not knowing what to expect and they’re often reserved and not open about, you know, what am I supposed to be doing?  Be there, talk with the staff, be open, go gung ho, if you may call it, you know, to really know that you want to learn, that you want to be there because honestly if I didn’t do that I don’t think I would have even experienced a lot of things I’ve done.”

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