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Bill and Patti's Story: Fairbanks Memorial Hosptial

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Banner Volunteers Make For Excellent Patient Care: Bill and Patti's Story - Full Transcription

Text: Banner Volunteers Make For Excellent Patient Care

Image:  Bill and Patti Shechter, speak on-camera

Image:  Bill and Patti Shechter
Volunteers/Fairbanks Memorial Hospital Denali Center 

Bill Audio: “I would strongly recommend people consider volunteering at FMH. I mean it allows you to be part of a very important institution in Fairbanks and it’s important to the whole state, it is a regional hospital. You get people from all over Alaska coming in here; you get thousands of tourists. You can be part of helping them feel better, helping the community by simply donating a few hours of your time.”

Bill Audio: “A couple of years ago we ran into an elderly couple from West Virginia and they had their 14-year-old grandson. And he was here for a sickness and for a long time and they were on a motor home trip; and we felt so bad for the teenager…”

Patti Audio: “…because we saw them every Saturday.”

Bill Audio: “…every Saturday; that we finally went back to the grandparents, told them who we were and they gave us permission to take the grandson on a tour of Fairbanks, home to feed him, look at different sights, we brought him back, you know, every afternoon, obviously. But we did this for quiet a few times and it was so touching because when we took a motor home trip back to West Virginia, his parents, the grandson’s parents and these grandparents reciprocated by having us to their house and to wine and dine us because we had gone a little step farther as a volunteer to help them out, and especially their grandson, in a very trying time.”

Bill Audio: “So those are the kind of experiences that, you know, you don’t read about, but it really means a lot to you.”

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