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Joan's Story: McKee Medical Center

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Banner Volunteers Make For Excellent Patient Care: Joan's Story - Full Transcription

Text: Banner Volunteers Make For Excellent Patient Care

Image:  Joan Fenwick, speaks on-camera

Text: Joan Fenwick
Volunteer/McKee Medical Center

Audio: “I volunteer at McKee Medical Center and I volunteer at the McKee Thrift Avenue store and the party program at the hospital, the health fair, the craft fair and the VLC which is the Volunteer Leadership Council; I’m a member of that. And I volunteer because I love being busy and I love making sure I can make a difference being of help to someone. I think the more active you are, the better off you feel, it gives you a brighter outlook on life. And I’ve met so many great people and so many great volunteers.

I like being busy, since I was hired, I was really worried about having enough to do and then I heard that McKee Medical Center needed people. I thought, ‘This is just the right place for me.’ I thought, ‘I can do three or four hours.’ But, you know, sometimes it comes to 90 a month or maybe more if we have a craft show or something going on. And I’ve met so many beautiful people, so many volunteers and so many customers at the thrift store; cannot imagine not doing this.

Personally, it’s self-satisfaction doing a job that needs to be done, doing it well and making a difference in Loveland. I think there are so many places we volunteers can come together and help where it’s needed without having somebody pay them. My husband and I have been very well blessed living here in Loveland and volunteering is just our way of giving back to it. I just love it.”

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