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M.L.'s Story: Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center

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Banner Volunteers Make For Excellent Patient Care: M.L.'s Story - Full Transcription

Text: Banner Volunteers Make For Excellent Patient Care

Image:  M.L., speaks on-camera

Text: M.L. Freitag
Volunteer/Banner Good Samaritan Hospital

Audio: “As a volunteer in the PACU and pre-op department, I will transport patients, I stock things for the nurses and keep up inventory. I will run blood samples to other departments; I will pick up blood if someone needs to have a transfusion. So it’s not only just patient contact, but it’s so wonderful, the interaction and the rapport that I’ve built up with many of the nurses there and some of the doctors.

I also love to have that sense of helping someone because, many times when someone is going into surgery, they have that anxiety; they don’t quiet know what to expect, they don’t quiet know what to do. And I was very, very interested into being in that patient contact; whether it’s a family member or that patient to help them.

We all wear these shirts and we can recognize each other, but I think the great look that everyone has on their face is a sense of accomplishment, the sense of pride, knowing that you’re part of something huge. Now I have had a seventeen year other career that I have not had that sense of true fulfillment and that sense of really feeling that I’m part of something special and I’m really giving back than the six – seven months that I’ve had volunteering. And it’s in my heart and in my spirit, I know that this is the right path and it’s been the right direction that I should have taken when I started 16 years ago.”

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