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The Hospital School at
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Her appendix ruptured and she had to stay at Cardon Children's Medical Center for more than three weeks. But that didn't mean she would miss her junior-high school classes. Her hospital teacher helped her with writing assignments, algebra and even with a report on Mesopotamia!

When children must receive medical care, their need for learning doesn't stop. The Hospital School at Cardon Children’s Medical Center provides individualized educational support to prevent children from falling behind academically and assists with a seamless reentry to their home school when they are medically ready to return.



Regardless of illness or injury, a child’s quest for knowledge never ceases. See how teachers at Banner Children’s Hospital School at Cardon Children’s Medical Center in Mesa, Ariz. are teaching young patients like five-year-old Alex reading, writing, arithmetic and so much more.

  • The Hospital School has two experienced, certified teachers on staff to teach hospitalized students.
  • One-on-one instruction is available for kindergarten through high school, and the curriculum is aligned with Arizona state educational standards.
  • Our hospital teachers meet with the patient and parents, and often communicate with the student’s school teacher.
  • Working with districts throughout Arizona, we support patients by providing educational materials and online opportunities.
  • The need for hospital-based education is great. Children who are in the hospital worry that they will fall behind in school or be held back behind their peers. When several weeks or months of school are missed, their ability to succeed at grade level and in their AIMS tests can suffer.
  • The hospital school helps the children feel productive and engaged in life while allowing them to continue learning and offers distraction from pain, anxiety and boredom. 
  • Offering the routine of school in our hospital sends a strong message of hope, reminding children that they still can learn and will return to a more normal life one day.
  • Send an email if you have any questions about the school.

The Hospital School at Cardon Children’s Medical Center is
funded solely through your donations.

One hundred percent of your donation will provide one-on-one
instruction for sick children.

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