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At Fairbanks Memorial Hospital, we appreciate being members of the community and want to do our part to keep our community strong and healthy. We offer a number of interesting and fun events so come join us!   

Empower, Your Health is in Your Hands

March 5 - 5:30- 7:30 p.m.

This month's lecture focuses on smoking and lung cancer:

  • The Powers of nicotine and its Kryptonite 
    Presenter: Joelle Fathi, DNP, ARNP, RN, CTTS.

    Learn the science behind nicotine dependency and the tools available to minimize its physiological impact and reduce cravings.  Weather your goal is to quite tobacco, help a loved one quit, or learn more about minimizing risk of tobacco-related disease, this program will provide tools and insights into why it is so challenging to quit and help build a personalized approach to quit smoking.

  • Lung Cancer Screening:  What is it and is it right for you?
    Presented by: Jed Gorden, M.D.

    Dr. Gorden, Joelle Fathi and colleagues have been collaborating with the International Early Lung Cancer Action Program in the research of lung cancer screening by low dose CT scans for nearly 15 years.  Learn more about who should consider screening, how it is done, benefits of early detection of lung cancer, important considerations when undergoing lung cancer screening and whether or not screening is right for you.

Event location: Fairbanks Imaging Center at Fairbanks Memorial Hospital
Admission is free. No registration required. 

For more information please contact FMH Education Department at (907) 458-5580.


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