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What to Expect

ED nurse with patient  

Step 1. Check-in
Upon arrival, you will check in at the registration desk and receive an identification number and wristband.  You can inform the registration clerk of the reason for your visit.

Step 2. Triage
As soon as possible after arrival, you will be seen by a triage nurse who will assess your medical condition by evaluating your vital signs, medical complaints and information you provide about past medical history and allergies. The triage nurse’s task is to ensure that patients with urgent medical conditions are promptly seen.

Step 3. Registration
Registration will be completed during your stay.  If you are given a clipboard of forms to fill out, please return them to the nurse or registration clerk prior to your discharge.  Your care will not be delayed to collect registration information.

Step 4. Treatment
Our emergency staff is committed to providing the best possible emergency care possible. If we identify you with an urgent medical condition, you will be moved to a private room for treatment.  If you are asked to return to the waiting room, please be assured that you will be placed in a private room as soon as possible.  Please notify the triage nurse if your symptoms change or worsen.

The Emergency Department has a specialized team that works under the guidance of a physician to provide treatment.  Team members may include a registered nurse, physician assistance, radiology technician, lab technician, emergency room technician, respiratory therapist, and social worker.  Specialty nurses from pediatrics and obstetrics are available for consultation if needed.

Your doctor will review your medical history and perform an exam or evaluation. The doctor may order tests, make a diagnosis, begin treatment, or consult with other specialists.  The nurses and technicians will help execute the doctor’s orders.

Step 5. Re-Evaluation
After all necessary tests and procedures are completed and after a review of your test results, your provider will decide if you can be discharged or need to be admitted to the hospital.  If you are admitted, one of our hospitalist doctors will continue your care. 

Step 6. Discharge
If you are treated and discharged home, you will be given complete instructions for self-care.  Please let the nurse know if you have any questions.  It is very important that you follow up with your primary provider after discharge.

Additional Tips:
It is very helpful to bring a list of current medications, a list of allergies, and insurance verification.  You may also want to bring any activities or materials that might help you pass the time you may spend waiting.

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