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Fairbanks Memorial Hospital, Fairbanks' leader in cardiac care, offers non-invasive, minimally invasive and surgical treatments for heart disease.

Non-invasive treatments typically include medication, diet and exercise.
Minimally invasive procedures often use catheterization techniques, and surgical procedures entail opening a patient’s chest to repair damage to heart tissue, valves, arteries or vessels.


Many cardiac conditions can be treated without surgery. The most common approach is through catheterization, a minimally-invasive approach to entering the heart through arteries in the arms or legs. Physicians use special instruments to inject dye, clear blocked arteries or insert stents to keep blood vessels open.

Fairbanks offers the following non-invasive treatments for heart disease:

While patients still have to travel for some heart-related procedures such as coronary bypass surgery, Fairbanks Memorial does perform a number of open heart procedures to repair damage to heart tissue, valves, arteries or vessels.

Each treatment offers a number of approaches which your physician will review. At the time of scheduling, you will receive information regarding preparation, arrival time and estimated length of the procedure. 

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