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Pediatric Care


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Fairbanks Memorial Hospital strives to ease the fears and anxieties of our pediatric patients and their families.

Our caring and knowledgeable pediatric professionals provide family-centered care and emphasize open communication with parents and guardians.

We understand that visitors play a key role in a child’s recovery. Parents and family members are encouraged to visit as often as possible during the hours of 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Children ages 12 and under may visit if they are free of cold symptoms and other illnesses and must be accompanied by an adult at all times. One parent is encouraged to stay with children at all times.

During hospitalization, we provide complimentary food and beverage items for patients including infant formula, baby food, juices, popsicles and snacks. In addition, our Food Services department offers kid-friendly meal options including, chicken nuggets and grilled-cheese sandwiches. Complimentary meals also are provided for one parent or caregiver who wishes to stay with their child.

It’s important to let kids relax and be kids. We have a stock of toys, games, an X BOX 360 and assorted movies to help create an age-appropriate healing environment for children of all ages.

What to Bring:
Gowns, pajamas, baby blankets, disposable diapers and most toiletry items are provided to help make hospitalization as comfortable as possible. Parents are encouraged to bring a favorite toy, stuffed animal or movie that may provide added comfort while away from home.

We invite parents and family members to call us anytime to ask questions or get an update on their child's condition.

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