Services at Fairbanks Memorial Hospital  

Rehabilitation Services


Fairbanks Memorial Hospital offers an assortment of inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation services for adult and pediatric patients. From minor deficits to severe conditions, we care for patients with various rehabilitative needs.  

Our rehabilitation services at Fairbanks Memorial Hospital include:

Occupational Therapy works to improve a patient’s functional daily living skills, including dressing, grooming and eating, and to improve motor, cognitive and social skills. Occupational therapists also work to increase strength and movement of the hands and upper extremities. They help patients re-learn how to do tasks and how to use adaptive equipment that may make daily tasks easier. Services include:

  •  Hand Rehabilitation
  •  Strengthening/Flexibility Exercises
  •  Pediatric Development Therapy
  •  Assistive Device Needs Assessment and Training
  •  Fine Motor Coordination
  •  Splinting/Orthotic Fabrication
  •  Neuro-Rehabilitation
  •  Cognitive/Perceptual Re-education
  •  Activities of Daily Living Training
  •  Impairment Rating/Disability Evaluation 
  •  Lymphedema treatment
  •  Wheelchair assessments / seating solutions

Physical Therapy helps patients improve strength, flexibility and functional movement while working to reduce pain. Physical therapists provide mobility evaluation and training, and also can instruct patients how to use assistive devices, prosthetics and wheelchairs. Services include:

  •  Orthopedic Rehab
  •  Cybex Isokinetic Testing/Exercise
  •  Back Rehabilitation
  •  Cranial Sacral Therapy
  •  Muscle Energy
  •  Pediatric Development Therapy
  •  Neuro-Rehabilitation
  •  Mobility Training
  •  Electrical Stimulation
  •  Traction
  •  Strengthening / flexibility exercise
  •  Lymphedema treatment
  •  Vestibular treatment

Speech Therapy, also referred to as speech pathology, uses special techniques to help patients improve their verbal and non-verbal communication skills, problem-solving abilities, concentration, memory and voice quality. Certified speech therapists/pathologists also can help patients improve their ability to safely eat and drink. Services include:

  • Evaluation and Treatment of Speech Disorders
  • Language and Cognitive Rehabilitation
  • Childhood Language Delays
  •  Swallow Evaluation and Treatment

Athletic Training works to immediately address athletic injuries and begin treatment as quickly and safely as possible. Athletic trainers are at local sporting events to assess injuries on the playing field. Additionally, they work with patients at the rehabilitation center to help them overcome their injuries and return to the sports they love.

Work Hardening uses individualized exercise programs and work-stimulation activities to help individuals return to work as quickly and safely as possible following work-related injuries. The program includes daily therapy sessions from 8 a.m. to noon, Monday thru Friday. Physician referral and workers’ compensation approval must be obtained before starting the program. Services include:

  •  Work Conditioning
  •  Functional Capacity Evaluation
  •  Workstation Assessment
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