Health Professionals at Banner – University Medical Center  

Graduate Medical Education

Medical education at Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix  

Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix is the teaching flagship hospital of Banner Health, training about 300 physicians a year.

The Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix residency program has played a critical role in supplying physicians to Arizona, many of whom have established practices right here in Arizona.

Teaching "Beds"
Many patient beds at Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix are designated as "teaching beds," and are part of the hospital's teaching program. This means that the physician responsible for a patient's hospital care (a personal physician or a hospitalist) will include medical residents (training physicians) as part this care.

These residents have completed their education and have received their medical degrees (MD or DO) from medical schools across the United States, and are now receiving comprehensive training in their chosen fields of specialty.

A resident physician or a group of resident physicians will work closely with these patients, their physicians, the nursing staff and other health professionals in planning, directing and providing patient care. These resident physicians staff the hospital on a 24-hour basis.

Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix residency programs include the following core programs:

Fellowship programs following residency graduation for further training and board certification in sub-specialties include:

    Primary Care Centers Associated with Medical Education:

    The hospital also hosts a Pharmacy Residency program and a Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) program.

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