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Spiritual Care

Spiritual Care staff
The Spiritual Care team at Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix cares for the emotional and spiritual needs of patients, their families, visitors and employees.
Our team of full-time staff chaplains and chaplain residents can be reached by calling (602) 839-4324, and is available 24 hours a day. Ask the nursing unit or hospital operator to help you connect with them.
The Spiritual Care staff realizes that people may be either religious or spiritual or both. Those that identify themselves as religious usually are affiliated with a specific faith group and participate in a faith community. Those that are spiritual may not consider themselves religious yet find ways to attend to their spirit.
Anyone who is searching for meaning and purpose along with values to guide their life can be considered spiritual. Spiritual Care can address both the religious and spiritual needs of others.

When should I call a Chaplain?
Chaplains are available 24 hours a day to address the spiritual and emotional needs of patients, families and staff. They can be considered "professional listeners" who listen and offer support in a way that is comfortable to the person seeking assistance and comfort.
If asked, they can assist people in using or finding spiritual resources that are meaningful to the person that can assist the healing process. Chaplains are open to all beliefs and never impose their own religious perspective on others. For routine visits, patients can ask their nurse to request a "Spiritual Consult" while in the hospital.
Worship Opportunities
Sunday Worship services are available for all patients, family and staff in the George M. Kokalis Chapel, located on the first floor of Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix.
Currently, non-denominational services are offered on Sundays at 9 a.m. in English and 6 p.m. in Spanish. Both services can be viewed on the hospital TV system on Channel 21.
For a listing of services, please contact the Spiritual Care Department at (602) 839-4324.
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