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Over-the-counter medicines

over the counter medicines  

Banner Family Pharmacy offers a wide range of over-the-counter medicines at a reasonable cost.

Over-the-counter medicines (also called nonprescription medicines) offer relief from headache or arthritis pain, coughs and colds, flu, and upset stomach.

Banner Family Pharmacy wants to remind our patients that over-the-counter medications are powerful medicines. In fact, many of the over-the-counter medicines that you can buy today were once available by prescription only. 

Here's how you can use over-the-counter medications wisely?

  • Read everything: Carefully read the package and label of all over-the-counter medications.
  • Use our form: Make sure your doctor and pharmacist has a list of all the prescription and over-the-counter medicines, vitamins, and herbal products you take every day and those you use once in a while.
  • Consolidate: Consider using one pharmacy for all of your prescription and over-the-counter medicines.
  • Consult: Ask your doctor or pharmacist to help you choose over-the-counter medicines that are right for you.
  • Let people know: Report any side effects or problems that you have after taking a prescription or over-the-counter medicine, vitamin, or herbal product to your doctor or pharmacist.
  • No mixing: Do not combine prescription and over-the-counter medicines unless told to do so by your doctor or pharmacist.
  • No sharing: Do not take any medicines that were prescribed for another person.


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