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Diagnostic X-rays


Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix offers digital X-rays that can provide information critical to cancer diagnosis and treatment with lower radiation exposure for the patient.
We are also the first in the metro Phoenix area to offer state-of-the-art Dual Energy Chest Imaging that can detect lung and chest bony abnormalities much sooner than a conventional chest X-ray. 

X-ray exams are usually painless. Most are performed on a walk-in basis and do not need prior authorization. 

Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix also offers fluoroscopic examination that display a continuous X-ray image on a monitor like an X-ray movie. It is used to diagnose or treat patients by showing the movement of a body part, a device, or contrast such as “dye or barium.  Fluoroscopy is used in many types of examinations and procedures including upper and lower gastrointestinal tract to show the movement of barium.

Fluoroscopic exams require some pre-procedure preparation and need to be scheduled. Our highly trained, professional staff will perform your examinations while providing excellent customer service.

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