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Do you feel like cancer runs in your family?

Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix offers a genetic counseling program to help individuals and families learn about -- and reduce -- their risk of cancer.

The Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix Cancer Screening and Prevention Program focuses on family history, genetics, as well as  environmental and lifestyle factors to determine your lifetime risk for cancer. If you are found to be at an increased risk for cancer, our genetic counselors can offer genetic testing and can help you find ways to reduce that risk.

Is there a link between genetics and cancer?
Recent advances in research clearly indicate a link between genes and cancer. This link is often strongest in families where:

  • Cancer occurs at a much younger age than average (under age 50) 
  • Cancer occurs in more than one generation
  • Cancer occurs in several close relatives
  • More than one type of cancer occurs in the same close relative
  • Cancer occurs in paired organs (e.g. cancer in both breasts)

Does this apply only to breast cancer?
No. While a lot of attention has been focused on the genetics behind breast cancer, we know that there are genes that predispose to all types of cancer, including colon, uterine, ovarian, thyroid, kidney and pancreatic cancers, to name a few. Families do not need to have breast cancer in order to benefit from genetic counseling.

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How can Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix help me?
Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix Cancer Screening and Prevention Program takes a three-step approach to help you understand and minimize risks:

  • Individuals meet with our genetic counselors to review their family's medical history. Together we will construct a family tree to uncover cancer patterns.
  • We will assess your risk for cancer and discuss steps you could take to lessen the likelihood of developing cancer. If genetic testing is indicated, you will be educated about the process so you can make an informed decision on whether genetic testing is right for you and your family.
  • If you choose to undergo genetic testing, a blood or cheek swab sample will be taken and analyzed by a professional genetics laboratory. You will have a face-to-face discussion for test results and we will review personalized recommendations for care.

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For more information, please contact Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix's certified genetic and cancer risk counselor at (602) 839-6385 or send an email.


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