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Cancer Treatment Options

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Patients receiving cancer care at Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix can be confident that they are getting the most current and specialized treatments available.

Our team of experts works with the patient to tailor a treatment plan for that patient's need.

Our advanced services include:

Chemotherapy Treatment
Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix offers inpatient and outpatient  chemotherapy to treat cancer as well as prevent its recurrence. Chemotherapy targets fast-growing cells and destroys them. It is frequently paired with surgery: a surgeon removes as much of the tumor as possible, then chemotherapy is used to target tissue too small to be seen, or too difficult to reach with instruments.

Radiation Oncology 
Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix offers the latest radiation therapies to precisely target cancerous cells and limit damage to nearby healthy tissue. We offer:

  • Brachytherapy uses a small catheter to place high-dose radioactive sources directly into affected area of the body. This method lessens the exposure of surrounding normal tissue to radiation than traditional procedures. Brachytherapy is commonly used to treat lung, breast and liver cancers.
  • Stereotactic body radiation therapy  delivers radiation therapy very precisely to tumors anywhere in the body. This helps reduce the dose of radiation to normal tissue around a tumor, which reduces side effects. This is used to treat lung and colon cancers.
  • Intensity-modulated radiation therapy, or IMRT: targets cancer cells with precisely focused, high doses of radiation while sparing nearby healthy tissues. Because of its precision, it is a highly beneficial form of radiation therapy used to treat tumors located near important organs and structures, like the spinal cord, optic nerve and brain tissue.
  • TomoTherapy Hi-Art System®: Delivers IMRT from all angles around the patient.

For some patients, surgery may be the best choice for evaluation and treatment of their cancer. Surgery can be used to remove malignant and nonmalignant tumors; treat solid tumors like those found in the breast, colon or lung and correct problems that create discomfort or disability.

In addition to traditional surgical procedures, Our surgeons perform robotic surgery to treat many kinds of cancer.

Interventional Radiology
Interventional Radiology can be performed through a small nick in the skin. It can offer patients lower risk and shorter recovery times.

Specific cancer treatments:

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