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Congestive Heart Failure Causes

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Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix's Cavanagh Heart Center in Arizona offers a comprehensive program to help patients understand congestive heart failure causes and manage its symptoms.

What causes congestive heart failure?

Typically congestive heart failure develops over time from coronary artery disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, long-term alcohol abuse or problems with heart valves.

It can also be caused by chronic thyroid disorders, irregular heartbeats, heart defects, and heart valve or heart muscle infections.

Heart failure can also be caused by congenital (born with) conditions such as heart defects.

What all of these things do is weaken or damage the heart so that it cannot pump fluids. This creates congestive heart failure symptoms that can be challenging to live with.

How does Cavanagh Heart Center address heart failure causes?

The Cavanagh Heart Center team at Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix sees each patient as an individual. Our physicians and nurses work with patients to address the underlying causes of their heart failure as well as the recommended treatment for heart failure.

Not only does Cavanagh Heart Center offer treatments that extend from basic medication management to LVAD implantation, we truly care about each person’s quality of life. Our physicians and nurses work with dieticians, physical therapists, cardiac rehabilitation and specialists in other disciplines to treat the whole patient, not just the symptoms at hand.

Cavanagh Heart Center is at Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix, a nationally recognized teaching hospital. Our extensive education program helps patients understand their heart failure causes. We also train physicians at other hospitals on best practices.

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