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Congestive Heart Failure Symptoms


coupleThe team at Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix's Cavanagh Heart Center knows each heart-failure patient has unique symptoms and we tailor our treatments to meet those needs.

Congestive heart failure can cause discomfort because the heart becomes enlarged and can not pump effectively. Typical heart failure symptoms include:

  • Weight Gain - Can happen either rapidly (overnight) or slowly over time (weeks or months); typically in the abdomen, feet or legs because the heart is not pumping efficiently.
  • Shortness of Breath - A person may feel excessively tired or short of breath. They may reach a point where they can not do simple things such as move around their own home.
  • Coughing or Choking - Can wake up during the night coughing or feeling as though they are choking. Most people develop a persistent cough over time.

Why choose Cavanagh Heart Center to relieve heart failure symptoms?

Whether you are a patient looking for relief from congestive heart failure symptoms or you are a physician looking to refer a patient with difficult-to-manage congestive heart failure, Cavanagh Heart Center is here to help. Congestive Heart failure treatments range from medical management to surgical interventions including LVAD placement.

Located in one of Arizona's largest hospitals, the Cavanagh Heart Center at Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix attracts physicians and nurses who specialize in managing heart-failure symptoms.

Our patients are given aggressive, coordinated treatment particularly when they are admitted with urgent heart failure. Our entire team works to make our patients feel better and to provide the best possible patient experience.

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Call Cavanagh Heart Center concierge at (602) 839-2400 for all your heart care questions.
Call Cavanagh Heart Center concierge at (602) 839-2400 for all your heart care questions.
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