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The Cavanagh Heart Center at Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix in Arizona is a national pioneer in improving the lives of congestive heart failure patients.

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We are located at Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix, named one of America’s Best Hospitals for “Heart & Heart Surgery” by U.S. News & World Report for more than a decade.

Cavanagh Heart Center is nationally recognized as a Heart Failure Center by the Healthcare Accreditation Colloquium. 

Heart Failure
When a person has congestive heart failure, their heart fills with fluid and can no longer pump blood efficiently. This creates a backup of fluid usually in the lungs, abdomen and legs.

Heart failure symptoms can range from mild shortness of breath and swelling in the feet and ankles to severe congestion and inability to exercise.

Heart failure causes include hypertension, smoking, obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

There is no cure for congestive heart failure, which makes the management of the condition crucial. Our goal is to ease your heart's workload, prevent further damage, and, if possible, to improve your heart's function.

Diagnosis and Treatment
The Cavanagh Heart Center team of physicians, nurses and staff at Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix has the expertise and training to treat heart failure at every level—from diagnosis to advanced disease treatment and management.

Medical Procedures
Cavanagh Heart Center leads the way in heart failure treatment, as one of the first programs in the country to implant the LVAD—left ventricular assist device—to treat heart failure in patients not eligible for heart transplants.

Your physician may make additional recommendations, such as:

  • Medication: Some heart-failure medications help you live longer by improving
the way your heart pumps. Others relieve symptoms and help keep
you out of the hospital.
  • Healthy lifestyle:
It's important for heart-failure patients to take charge of their your health through better lifestyle choices, such as lowering salt intake, staying active and quitting smoking.

The Cavanagh Heart Center also now offers the services of a transitionalist, who works with cardiologists to provide short-term, home-based care for heart failure patients.

If a patient has medical conditions in addition to congestive heart failure, Cavanagh Heart Center physicians will consult other specialists to make sure our patients have the best possible treatment. If a patient is admitted through the Emergency department, they are given aggressive, coordinated treatment specifically designed for urgent heart failure.


Call Cavanagh Heart Center concierge at (602) 839-2400 for all your heart care questions.
Call Cavanagh Heart Center concierge at (602) 839-2400 for all your heart care questions.
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