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Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix is a leader in transplant services, providing a number of groundbreaking liver and kidney transplant procedures in Arizona and the Southwest.

Our team includes:

Surgeons: Our surgeons actually take the patient to the operating room to perform the transplant.

They will monitor lab results, medications, and testing for the first two to three months after surgery as well as in the hospital. They work along with nephrologists, hepatologists, hospitalists, primary care physicians to provide excellent care.

Transplant coordinators are the primary patient contact. They also:

  • Assist with scheduling evaluations
  • Remain in close contact with patients waiting for a transplant
  • Provide education and support
  • Contact the patient when an organ is available
  • Monitor the patient's condition after the transplant.

Social workers are part of the donor and recipient's team of advocates. Social workers also:  

  • Provide psycho-social evaluation of potential recipients and donors, assessing drug and alcohol history, mental health issues, financial status, and social support system for potential transplant recipients and donors.
  • Make referrals to psychological/psychiatric service and  mentoring program
  • Arrange for guest lodging
  • Make referrals for transportation assistance
  • Assist in resources for the patient’s fund raising efforts
  • Continue as a resource for post-transplant patients

Transplant nutritionists provides nutrition assessment, education and counseling to potential recipients and donors. They also:

  • Review vitamin, minerals, or herbal products and dietary supplements for special needs.
  • Calculate Body Mass Index using current height and weight; assess weight status and make recommendations.
  • Evaluate nutritional laboratory tests as they relate to overall health and protein status.
  • Evaluate an individual’s ability to comply with recommended diet, fluid and medications.
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