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The Banner Baywood Medical Center Emergency department wants to keep you healthy and well-informed. Here is some advice from our Emergency experts:

  • What should I do if I think someone is having a stroke?
    Ask the Expert: Char Leoni, RN, a director of nursing at Banner Baywood Medical Center
    In a stroke, every minute you wait means more damage is being done. Learn more about how to recognize a stroke Recognize the symptoms of stroke
  • I only live in Arizona a few months out of the year. Should I have another physician here in the Valley?
    Ask the Expert: Jennifer Hoffman, D.O., a geriatrics physician at Banner Baywood Medical Center
    None of us know when we will have a medical emergency. Learn more about being prepared Winter visitors medical emergency
  • When should I take my child to the Emergency Department?
    Ask the Expert: Jennifer Godwin, Banner Baywood Emergency Department
    What are the signs and symptoms that indicate it's time to go to the ED? View our checklist Flu or cold?
  • Is this the flu or just a cold?
    Ask the Expert: Frank Benes, MD, Banner Baywood Emergency Department Medical Director
    The symptoms of a cold and flu are often very similar and initially may be difficult to tell apart. Learn more Flu or cold?
  • Flu Vaccine: Facts & Myths
    Can the flu shot cause the flu? Are the side effects from the vaccine actually worse than the flu? Do I have to get it before December?
    Learn more Learn more about flu vaccine
  • How the flu spreads
    The flu spreads from person to person via respiratory droplets.
    Learn more
    Learn more about the flu
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