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Rehabilitation Services


Banner Baywood Medical Center offers a wide range of inpatient rehabilitation services --from minor deficits to severe conditions affecting an individual’s ability to live and function independently.

We  care for patients with various rehabilitative needs: continuation of a greater health care plan or to address specific deficits whether they are physical, occupational or speech related.

Common rehabilitation therapies offered at Banner Baywood include: 

  • Audiology assessments providing a comprehensive evaluation, including the diagnosis, treatment and management of individuals with hearing loss or balance problems. Clinical audiologists use state-of-the-art medical equipment to assess outer, middle and inner ear problems. Hearing aid selection and fitting services are also provided with an emphasis on maximum improvement of communication skills.

  • Occupational Therapy works to improve a patient’s functional daily living skills including dressing, grooming and eating, as well as to improve motor, cognitive and social skills. Occupational therapists also specialize in increasing strength and movement of the hands and upper extremities. They help patients relearn functional tasks in different ways and instruct them in the use of adaptive equipment that may make daily tasks easier.

  • Physical Therapy helps patients improve strength, flexibility and functional movement such as bed mobility, walking and balance. Physical therapists provide mobility evaluation and training, and also can instruct patients on the use of assistive devices, prosthetics and wheelchairs.

  • Speech Therapy, also referred to as speech pathology, uses special techniques to help patients improve their verbal and non-verbal communication skills, problem-solving abilities, concentration, memory and voice quality. Certified speech therapists/pathologists also can help patients improve their ability to safely eat and drink.

  • Vestibular Rehabilitation addresses dizziness that does or may interfere with one’s lifestyle. Though some diagnoses for dizziness and balance problems require medical and/or surgical treatment, many conditions may be improved with specialized physical therapy that uses exercise to reduce the severity of dizziness or balance problems while helping patients learn to adjust or compensate for the disorder.

Other rehabilitation services available at Banner Baywood include:

  • Amputation Rehabilitation
  • John J. Rhodes Rehabilitation Center
  • Lymphedema Management
  • Neurological Rehabilitation
  • Orthopedic Rehabilitation
  • Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (Parkinson’s Disease voice treatment)
  • Spinal Cord Rehabilitation
  • Strength and Flexibility Programs
  • Stroke support group
  • Vestibular Diagnostic Testing
  • Vestibular Rehabilitation

For more information on rehabilitation services, please call (480) 321-4240.

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