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Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment


hyperbaric chamberBanner Baywood Medical Center’s Wound Center offers hyperbaric oxygen treatment, which dramatically helps the healing process from many different ailments.

How does treatment work?
Treatment consists of the use of 100 percent oxygen under pressure, at the equivalent of two to two and a half atmospheres. This pressure allows oxygen to get into the body directly into the bloodstream, and treat parts of the body where there is little blood flow.

The hyperbaric oxygen treatment is administered through large, spacious chambers. Patients can lay down or sit up in the chamber and receive the pressurized oxygen for a duration of about two hours.

Patients communicate with the medical staff through a two-way intercom. A personal television and DVDs are provided for entertainment and comfort during the treatment.

Who qualifies for hyperbaric oxygen treatment?
Patients with the following conditions are among the candidates for treatment:

  • Diabetic lower extremity ulcers
  • Chronic bone infection
  • Late effects of radiation
  • Compromised or failed flap
  • Necrotizing infections
  • Gas gangrene

To learn more about hyperbaric oxygen treatment or to schedule an appointment, please call (480) 321-4642.


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