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MomandchildParenting the Love and Logic Way Workshop

Parenting can perhaps best be described as dealing with a range of emotions, from pure joy to sheer frustration.

As educators at Banner Children’s Academy of Education and Development, we are proud to offer Love and Logic®, a special workshop series that will help you turn parenting and teaching into a fun and rewarding experience, instead of stressful and chaotic. The six-week workshop series, with each session dedicated to a particular aspect of child-rearing will help you develop a respectful, healthy and positive relationship.

Note: Registration for the entire series is highly recommended, to gain a full understanding and knowledge of the techniques you should apply as a parent.

Why Does it Work?

  • Uses humor, hope and empathy to build up the adult-child
  • Emphasizes respect and dignity for children and adults
  • Provides real limits in a loving way
  • Teaches consequences and healthy decision-making
    • Putting an end to arguing, back talk and begging
    • Teaching responsibility without losing their love
    • Setting limits without waging war
    • Avoiding power struggles
    • Guiding kids to own and solve their problems
    • Teaching kids to complete chores without
      reminders and without pay

When: Watch this space for upcoming dates in 2015!

Where: Banner Children's Academy, 1410 W. 10th. Place, Tempe AZ 85281

Contact: For more information, call (480) 827-5348


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