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What you should bring - Adolescent Care


Patients in the Banner Behavioral Health Hospital Adolescent Unit stay an average of three to seven days. We encourage you to limit the amount of personal items you bring due to limited storage. Should your stay be extended, friends or relatives may bring additional items.

All back packs, luggage, purses, tote bags, etc., will be locked in the storage area or sent home with guardians until you are discharged from the unit. Please ask family members or guardians to take home money, jewelry, credit cards, important items of identification, etc. If you cannot do this, there is a safe in the business office in which these items will be kept.

Please note the following restrictions:

  • Jewelry, including body piercings of any kind, is not allowed.
  • Clothing and accessories that are revealing, immodest, suggestive, depict death, violence, drugs, alcohol, weapons, sex, or gangs are not appropriate to wear in the hospital.
  • Ball caps, bandannas and scarves are not allowed.
  • Money is not needed during your stay except to use at the snack machines, when you have earned the privilege. You may keep up to $10 at a time in the nurse’s station and may receive $2 at a time for snack machine use.

We encourage you to review the Adolescent Prohibited Items, Limited Use Items and Valuables List.

Parents/guardians may visit each day from 5:15 to 6:15 p.m. Parents/guardians must obtain a visitor’s pass at the front reception desk, and check in with a staff member on the Adolescent Unit. Visits from other family members or friends are not allowed during the hospital stay. If parents or guardians are unable to visit during these times, please contact the Clinical Case Manager to make other visitation arrangements. There is a two visitor per day limit.

For the safety of all patients, any items brought in for a patient during visits will be checked by staff at the nurse’s station. We ask that you respect the list of prohibited/limited use items provided in the handbook. Items viewed as inappropriate will be stored appropriately or sent home with the parent/guardian.

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