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At Banner Children's Academy of Education & Development, formerly known as the Howard S. Gray School, we always strive to provide the very best in education and social skills to each and every one of our unique students. The best reward for us is a note from parents who are happy with their child's experience in our school.  

"I’m so grateful for the staff at Howard Gray for giving us peace of mind, knowing my child is always safe and well cared for. What a gift!" - Jennifer

"We have been very happy during our time at Howard S. Gray. Our student has developed and matured to a level I don’t think would have been possible in a typical school environment." - Rachel

"Let me just say that Howard Gray is wonderful. Not only is my son learning academics, he is learning life skills. I am so grateful to every teacher that he has. I send him off to school knowing that he is with teachers who care about him. Thank you all for giving 210% to your job." - Patti

"It is very comforting to know my son is receiving the attention that he needs to be an active learner and his frustrations from a lack of understanding (whether it is academic or social) are being addressed in an appropriate manner. - Caroline

My son’s learning and knowledge gains/growth has been tremendous since attending Howard Gray. Their comprehensive program has taken a student who was on the verge of dropping out of high school to a likely college-bound young man. All of the staff have contributed to the development of my son into a more productive member of society and helped him to reach his potential! Thank you! - Lisa


Banner Children's Academy of Education & Development
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