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Banner Psychiatric Center - Full Transcription

Text: Banner Psychiatric Center: An innovative solution to help patients in crisis while reducing ED holds

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Audio:  Opening music theme

Text: Pat Little – Upah
CEO, Banner Behavioral Health Hospital

Image: Pat Little speaks on-camera.

Audio:  “The BPC, which is the Banner Psychiatric Center, is like an Emergency Department only for patients dealing with a mental health crisis.”

Text: Dr. Robert Williamson 
CMO, Connections AZ / Acting Med. Dir., BPC

Image: Robert Williamson speaks on-camera.

Audio:  “The purpose behind the BPC is to modernize the delivery of psychiatric health care services. The BPC itself is a 23-hour Observation Unit and the best way to conceptualize it: it’s a Psychiatric Emergency Room.”

Text: Jeff Buehrle
CFO, AZ East

Images: Jeff Buehrle speaks on/off-camera.
Newspaper headline reads: Banner to House Psychiatric Center
Main hospital’s Emergency Room Walk-In doorway

Audio:  “Banner chose to get involved with the BPC project because the Arizona region concluded that we were going to be in behavioral health whether we’re a passive or active participant in behavioral health services. We have patients holding in our EDs. They’re clogging up the through-put, they’re increasing the cost of our code delivery and, most importantly, the behavioral health patients are not getting the care that they need.”

Images: Pat Little speaks on/off-camera.
Banner staff at work in central office area.
Medical provider collaborates with Rep from Arizona Connections

Audio:  “The BPC came about because our very busy Emergency Rooms had become the entry level of care for behavioral health patients. In 2009, in Banner EDs, there was over 150,000 behavioral health hold hours. A group of physicians, called Arizona Connections, approached us. This problem is a national problem and they had developed a model in Dallas to help the Dallas EDs. So we partnered with this physicians group to develop a model specific for Maricopa County that could help alleviate this problem for us.”

Images:  Exterior images of Banner Psychiatric Center
A BPC Medical provider assesses patient

Robert Williamson Audio:  “Basically, we’re modeling this delivery of psychiatric services just like the other medical specialties. What would normally occur is you would see a medical provider and they would assess you. They would try to stabilize the situation and then they would make a decision on whether or not you needed to be hospitalized after they completed their assessment.” 

Image:  Robert Williamson continues on-camera.

Audio:  “Normally now, in the world psychiatry, that’s not how things have occurred. So we’re trying to bring the psychiatry back into main stream medicine.”

Images: BPC staff at work in shared office area
Patient being assessed by a BPC medical provider.

Jeff Buehrle Audio:  “The BPC has paid dividends to Banner and to the community. Further, since the BPC opened on September, 2010, the amount of ED holds have reduced to very small numbers. But, most importantly, our patients are receiving the appropriate care, the best level of care, at the right time. The real winners here are our patients.”

Image:  Pat Little speaks on/off-camera
Patient and BPC medical provider

Audio:  “This means that the HIPAA health patients are now getting the assessments that they need by psychiatrists and psychiatric providers in a much more timely manner. They are getting to the levels of care that is appropriate for them. Because of this, it’s reducing costs and it also is increasing the number of Acute Level 1 beds that are available. In the past, many of these patients that are now admitted into our observation level of care and discharged within that 23-hour window would have been admitted to those beds.”

Image:  Robert Williamson speaks on-camera.

Audio:  “What we lent to Banner was our experience and the medical providers: the psychiatrists and the psychiatric nurse practitioners. And Banner brought their incredible amount of resources, helped developed the physical side of the facility and to bring in the ancillary staff. And so we assist them by developing the medical program, how the services are delivered, and it’s lending them our experience and our medical leadership.”

Images:  Exterior images of the Banner Psychiatric Center building

Jeff Buehrle Audio:  “The BPC was funded by Banner Health Foundation providing $580,000 of the $2.2 million project. Banner Health funded the rest. We refurbished an existing building on the Banner Behavioral Health campus to better utilize the space for Crisis Services.”

Images: Pat Little speaks off/on-camera
BPC medical provider privately assesses patient

Audio:  “I think the most important thing is that we’ve truly made a difference for behavioral health patients in the State. We have become an innovative model of care. We are being actually looked up by our health care systems across the nation and in Canada.”

Audio:  Closing music softly plays over remaining video.

Image:  Robert Williamson speaks on-camera

Audio:  “I’m very proud of Banner for having the courage to reach out into this very difficult psychiatric services and psychiatric community.”

Image: Pat Little, on-camera, concludes:

Audio:  “I’m really proud of Banner—that they have stepped up, okay, to help this State and this County in this time of crises: when there’s been a lot of cutbacks in funding and there was no longer the resources through the State to be able to build a BPC-like model.”

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