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Testimonials from parents and students


"I couldn't be happier about my son's experience at Howard Gray.  It has made him feel safe, accepted, and made him more confident. I am so glad that we found this school. You have my eternal gratitude for creating a school that accepts and helps our unique children!"  -- Parent
"Howard Gray is an excellent school with exceptionally caring and experienced teachers and staff.  They have the careful mix of approaches to adapt to very difficult children with various disabilities and learning styles.  They have expertise in their ability to help the children reach their academic goals in their IEPs. My daughter looks forward to school everyday and would be happy to go to school seven days a week.  There is no school that comes close to Howard Gray. My daughter loves it."  -- Parent
"When my son started school at Gray he was depressed and withdrawn.  Since day one, that has all changed!  He looks forward to going to school, hates holidays (because there is no school) and believes in himself!  The staff at Gray are angels!"  -- Parent 
"Howard Gray was the best option for our child.  They have provided a safe, controlled environment for the last three years.  It is a warm, fun place to be.  Every time I walk in the door it is clear that the teachers really love the children."   -- Parent 
"Our son was picked on relentlessly at his last school, to the point that he was afraid of even going.  Now, he has friends at Gray and never misses a day.  He's happy and getting good grades for the first time in a long time."   -- Parent 
"The staff at Howard Gray are extremely professional and caring.  I've never known such a wonderful group of people.  I wish I had been able to attend a school like Howard Gray when I was a teenager."  --Parent 
"I'm a student at Howard Gray and I really like my school. The teachers at Howard Gray CARE. The kids here are nice.  I am sure all the other students at Howard Gray feel the same as me.  I want all of the kids that go to this school to really get the help they need because I would be crushed if I ever had to leave this school." -- Student 
"Wow!  That’s about all I can say about the staff and team there! 
  You are all a breath of fresh air and a newfound hope not just for me as a parent, but for [my son] who suffered terribly in his last placement.  Sadly, I’m sure you see that all the time. THANK YOU for your responses to me and for what you do!  You are making such a positive difference in [my son's] life. "--  Parent



Howard S. Gray School
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