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Dave Cheney Dave Cheney, Banner Boswell Medical Center CEO  

I am honored to serve at the CEO of Banner Boswell. This hospital has been the anchor of community health care since 1970 and Sun City’s influence is tangible in our offerings as a destination medical center specializing in the diseases of the elderly. However, once you set foot through our doors, I hope you will find out, as I have since becoming CEO in 2008, that we are more than that. Banner Boswell has evolved a distinct culture of caring.

What do I mean by this? Walk through the halls and you will see it in our faces. From our clinical and non-clinical staff members, to our physicians and volunteers, we care about you as we care for our own families. 

Your care and comfort are important to us and while you are with us, we want to make sure that you have everything you need to understand your medical condition and that all your questions and concerns are addressed. I encourage you to talk with your care team, including your physicians and nurses, so that before you leave you have all the information you need for a safe return home.

We welcome your thoughts and would love to hear from you about the things we are doing well, as well as our opportunities for improvement. One way to contact us is to fill out any of the Dear Dave cards located throughout the hospital.

As we look toward the future of care for this community we see innumerable opportunities to continue to serve you and to improve upon our already stellar care. I am excited, as is all our staff, to be part of that future.


Banner Boswell Medical Center
10401 W. Thunderbird Blvd.
Sun City, AZ 85351
(623) 832-4000
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