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3D Mammography

breast imaging  

Banner Lakes Imaging Center now utilizes a Hologic 3D Mammography Unit .

The low-dose 3D mammography system produces special images that allow radiologists to better view breast tissue. The X-ray arm sweeps in a slight arc over the breast, taking multiple images in just seconds. An analogy for 3D mammography is like the pages in a book. Looking at the book, the internal contents of the pages can’t be seen. But when opened up, a book can be leafed through, page-by-page, seeing everything between the covers.

These 3D Tomosynthesis images, as they are called,  have been found to identify 40 percent more invasive cancers than 2D alone. The Hologic 3D Mammography Imaging System has improved radiologists' ability to view asymmetric densities, distortions and smaller masses, resulting in earlier diagnosis.

It has been shown that there is a 20 to 40 percent reduction in false positives and the need for additional imaging. The new system generates 2D images from the 3D data set, reducing the radiation dose for patients by eliminating the need for additional 2D exposures.

This unit reduces the amount of time a patient is under, increasing patient comfort.

Free 3D Mammograms
Reba Mason is courageously battling breast cancer and has a passion for helping women fi nd breast cancer earlier through screenings. The Pink Roadhouse Mammo Fund, which helps provide free screening mammograms to many women, was established with generous donations by Texas Roadhouse Restaurants and personal fundraising by Reba.

You can qualify to receive a free, 3D screening mammogram at Banner Lakes Medical Imaging Center through the Pink Roadhouse Mammo Fund by meeting the following requirements:

  • You are 40 or older with no immediate family history of cancer or are 30 or older with immediate family history of cancer or BRCA mutation. Women 25 or younger do not qualify.
  • You do not have insurance or your insurance plan does not cover screening mammograms.
  • You are a United States citizen living in the west valley of Maricopa County and can validate residency with a driver’s license or state ID.
  • You can identify a primary care provider or OB/GYN physician who will receive your test results and provide follow-up care, if needed.

Patients are required to sign and initial documents at the time of the appointment in order to bill Pink Roadhouse Mammo Fund and to accept assistance if further evaluation is recommended by the radiologist based on screening mammogram results.

Call (480) 684-7500 to see if you qualify and to schedule an appointment.

The Pink Roadhouse Mammo Fund is sponsored by Banner Health, Sun Health Foundation and Reba's Vision.

Donate to the Pink Roadhouse Mammo Fund

Watch how lives are being changed with free 3D mammograms

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information about 3D mammography at Banner Lakes Imaging.

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