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Visiting privileges are flexible to meet patient needs.  We recognize the importance of having visitors as a part of your emotional well-being.  Please understand that rest is an important part of your treatment and that sometimes visitors must be restricted.  Visitors and patients should speak quietly and be considerate of other patients.  No children are allowed to stay overnight.

Family members of our pediatric patients, confused patients or those who are terminally ill are welcome to stay overnight with the patient, although we must limit this to one member and no children.  Cots are usually available by checking with the nursing staff.

We ask that one member of the family be designated to be informed about a patient's condition and then relay the information to others.  To protect patient privacy, we will not provide information by phone.

When a patient is in surgery, we would ask family members and friend to wait in the designated waiting area where a volunteer will assist them in maintaining direct communication with the Surgery Department.

Children must always be accompanied by adults.  During the months of November through April, we restrict all children under 14, except in rare circumstances due to the spread of certain viruses.  Please be considerate of this request, as it is a protection for our patients as well as your children.

General Hospital Number:  (520) 381-6300

To reach a patient, dial the general number and request the patient, or you will be prompted to dial 5 and then the patients room number if you know it.

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