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CT Scan


Our high speed, multiple detector Computed Tomography (CT) unit is capable of sub-second scanning. This means quicker exam times and better image quality because of decreased motion artifact. CT scans are commonly used for head, chest, abdomen and pelvis; with more specialized scans for the spine and various areas of the skull. Patients will appreciate our unit's slim and wide open gantry. Examinations are more comfortable with improved access and better communication between operator and patient.


What Is It?

Computerized Tomography (CT) combines X-Rays with computer technology to create cross-sectional, 3-D like images of various parts of the body. Desert Reflections' high speed, multi-slice CT scanner is capable of sub-second scanning with sub-millimeter resolution. This means faster exam times and unsurpassed image quality.

Why Would Your Doctor Order This Test?

A CT scan can be used to examine almost any part of the body,  such as the brain, chest, abdominal organs, spine, and blood vessels. It can be ordered following accidents or trauma, as well as to detect many diseases. Our scanner can even be used to detect kidney stones.

At the conclusion of your exam, the images will be studied by a Board Certified Radiologist. He will read your exam and dictate the results of your test. The report will then be sent to your physician's office, usually within one hour of the exam's completion.

How Is The Test Done?

The technologist will ask you to lie down on a padded table. Patients will appreciate our unit's wide open design, allowing better communication between yourself and the technologist. For some exams, it may be necessary to change into a gown. Exams of the chest and abdomen will require you to hold your breath for a very short time. Depending on the area of the body being examined, an IV contrast injection may be necessary to visualize blood vessel structures and organs. Lab tests may be required based on age or health history prior to the use of the IV contrast. The technologist will ask about your medical history, including allergies.

Exam Prep & Scheduling

CT examinations of the brain, chest and spine usually do not require any oral preparation with the exception of not eating or drinking prior to the exam. Most CT exams of the abdomen and pelvis require the patient to prepare for the test by drinking a special liquid solution called oral contrast. This may be done the night before the exam, as well as shortly before beginning the scan. The oral contrast helps to identify digestive organs such as the stomach, small bowel, and colon.   Oral contrast may be given to you at your physician's office or you may be directed to pick it from Desert Reflections. CT of the abdomen for kidney stones may not require any prep.

CT exams are usually scheduled in advance. Same day appointments are available. To schedule your appointment, please call (520) 381-6700.

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