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Our Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanner is a high field, high gradient magnet. This means superior image resolution compared to "open" MRI units. High gradients mean shorter exam sequences which result in less time in the "tunnel." Our gantry is a short bore which allows claustrophobic patients to be scanned more comfortably.


What Is It?

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) utilizes a magnetic field, radio waves, and computers to generate detailed images of the inside of your body. Desert Reflections' High Definition MRI scanner is a high field, high-speed system. This means faster scans and far superior image resolution. Our high-speed gradients also result in shorter exam times compared to "open" MRI units. Our short bore magnet allows many exams to be done with the patient's head outside of the magnet. In addition to traditional scanning, our MRI system includes software for dedicated breast imaging, as well as software for the best liver imaging available. 

Why Would Your Doctor Order This Test?

MRI scans provide unequaled images of soft tissues such as the brain, liver, discs and nerves. Joint injuries, such as knees or shoulders, are also quickly diagnosed with this non-invasive test. In addition, MRI is used to study blood vessels and circulation.

At the conclusion of your exam, the images will be studied by a Board Certified Radiologist. He will read your exam and dictate the results of your test. The report will then be sent to your physician's office, usually within one hour of the exam's completion.

How Is The Test Done?

To obtain the best possible results with the sharpest images, a high field system such as the HD MRI offered by Desert Reflections, is most effective. If loose clothing without snaps, buttons, underwires or zippers is worn, it may not be necessary to change clothes. Prior to the scan, the MRI staff will complete a safety questionnaire, as well as a brief medical history, to ensure your safety and to tailor the exam to fit your needs. You will be asked to lie on a padded table and a special device, called a coil, may be fitted around the part of your body to be imaged. Depending on the reason for the MRI, you may be given an injection of a contrast agent. The nature of a high field environment requires the exam to take place in an enclosed setting. If you are troubled by confined spaces, when your doctor orders the exam you may ask him/her to prescribe a mild medication to relax you during the procedure. The MRI equipment is fairly noisy. For your comfort,  ear plugs are provided.

Exam Prep & Scheduling

Most MRI exams do not require any preparation. If you have any metal (stents, plates & screws) in your body, it is important to inform your technologist prior to the exam. Patients with pacemakers may not have an MRI exam.

MRI exams are done by appointment. We offer appointments beginning at 7 a.m. Monday through Saturday. Early evening appointments are also available. For scheduling, please call (520) 381-6700.

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