Ways to Give at Banner Casa Grande Medical Center  

How to Get Started


1. Complete an application form. Call the Volunteer Coordinator at (520) 381-6541. The application must be submitted prior to your interview and on-line applications are preferred.

2. Contact the Volunteer Coordinator, Kaitee Doll-Bell, at (520) 381-6550 to make an appointment for the initial interview. This meeting will provide an opportunity to get to know one another, as well as discuss placement preferences and expectations.

3.  Complete a Criminal Background Check form. Due to the sensitive and vulnerable situations of our patients, this is required of all employees and volunteers in the hospital by The Joint Commission. This form will be completed at the initial interview.

4.  We request that all applicants provide a minimum of two character/work references (who are adults and not related to you). We will attempt to check these references by phone or email. If we are unable to verify these references in a reasonable amount of time, the applicant may need to provide a letter of reference or an alternative reference instead. Please notify your references that we will be contacting them so they are prompt in responding to our request.

5. During the initial volunteer interview, the Volunteer Coordinator will make an appointment for you to attend a Health Screening at the hospital's Employee Health Department. This screening is conducted free of charge for the protection of both yourself and our patients.

Employee Health is located at 1676 E. McMurray Blvd. at Banner Casa Grande Urgent Care.  This screening may take an hour and will include the following evaluations:

  • A Urine Drug Screen:  Bring medication list, know your social security number, bring a photo ID & have a full bladder
  • Immunization Record Review:  Bring proof of immunity for MMR (Measles, Mumps and Rubella), Varicella (Chickenpox) and Hepatitis.  Those without proof will have to have a blood test done at the CGRMC Lab to establish their immunity to these contagious diseases.
  • TB Skin Test:  The initial test will be done during this appointment, if possible. You will need to return to the Employee Health Department to have the results read two days later. A second TB test will be administered one to two weeks later and read two days following the second test.  If you have had a TB skin test in the last 12 months, please bring a copy of it with you. The Urgent Care is open 9 a.m.-9 p.m. seven days a week. Be sure to ask for a copy of the TB test for your own records.

6.  All volunteers are provided with a Photo ID Badge, which becomes part of your uniform. This identifies you as someone who can be of assistance to patients and visitors with directions, as well as allowing the hospital to keep a record of your hours for annual recognition and infection control purposes. Typically, your badge photo will be taken during your initial interview and then given to you the morning of orientation.

7.  All employees and volunteers are required to attend a one day Orientation and Safety Education Session. During this time, valuable information is communicated to you so that you are prepared in the event of an emergency in the hospital, understand the importance of infection control, know the hospital's policy on patient privacy, and a number of other important details that will better prepare you to serve at Banner Casa Grande.

8.  The final step in preparing to volunteer is determining your placement. This is done in collaboration with yourself and the volunteer coordinator. Once a suitable placement is established, the volunteer coordinator will arrange training in the department with staff or current volunteers.

We strive to prepare our volunteers for effective service in our organization. We benefit greatly from the presence of our volunteers and hope that they also find the relationships they establish with staff, patients, and visitors rewarding and worthwhile. We hope that you too will make the commitment to help us serve our community by applying to volunteer at Banner Casa Grande today! We are waiting to hear from you.

Banner Casa Grande Medical Center
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Casa Grande, AZ 85122
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