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Maturing Needs

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At the Banner Del E. Webb - Louisa Kellam Center for Women's Health, we work with you to enhance the quality of your life each step of the way.

Most women find themselves in the same situation - living more than one-third of their lives in their mature years. More time than was spent as a child. More time than was spent as a teenager. More time than as a young adult. More time than in mid-life.

The life span of a woman has increased by almost 30 years within the past century. Women are now outliving the men by six to seven years.

From raising children to caring for ailing spouses to seeking care for elderly parents, women have always had a recognized lifetime role as the caregiver. But in their mature years, women are finding that they must now take care of themselves.

Even though a woman still is young at heart, she will find her body and mind facing challenges that come with growing older - a wandering and forgetful mind, sleeping less at night, dozing off during the day, aches and pains of arthritis and old injuries from youth, vision impairment, and loss of hearing.

We want to help with those problems as well as the more extensive medical challenges such as:

The Louisa Kellam Center for Women's Health provides women with a gateway to a full range of specialty physicians as well as a broad spectrum of early intervention programs, diagnostic tools, treatment facilities, educational resources, support groups and comfort-care services.

Focusing on the special concerns of women as they age, the center is committed to empowering this generation of women through education so they may be better prepared to make appropriate and informed health care decisions for themselves as well as their families and loved ones.

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