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Our prefix has changed. We are now 412 

answering the phone  

Banner Desert and Cardon Children's medical centers completed a prefix phone number transition in 2010, changing all our contact numbers to (480) 412-XXXX to support our future growth needs.

All Cardon Children’s and Banner Desert numbers have been updated to reflect this new prefix.

Now, we ask our public to support this change by reviewing all the ways you regularly get in touch with our physicians, our staff or our departments.

  • Cell phone:  If you regularly contact members of our staff, our physicians or our departments from your cell phone, make sure to change your contacts list to reflect “412.” Otherwise, your smart phone is about to get considerably less smart.
  • Fax contact: If you regularly fax our hospital with important information, please make sure that any pre-programmed fax numbers you have used now reflect the "412" prefix.

Thank you for your help in sharing this important change with Banner Desert and Cardon Children's medical centers.

Banner Desert Medical Center
1400 S. Dobson Road
Mesa, AZ 85202
(480) 412-3000
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