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OB Childbirth Prep Class and Tour 
We recommend this class to all mothers. The class will help expectant mothers and their coaches feel more prepared, relaxed and knowledgeable about childbirth. You will learn: what to expect during the late stages of pregnancy; how to detect pre-term labor; what to do when labor begins; breathing and relaxation exercises; comfort measures; the choices available to you; how your coach can help; what will happen during and following birth; postpartum physical changes; newborn appearance and procedures.

The OB Childbirth Prep class is available as an eight-hour class on select Saturdays or Sundays or a two evening series during the week. Look at our Class Registration information to select the classes right for your schedule.

You can also contact Suzanne Clinton, our prenatal educator, at (480) 412-5292 with any questions.

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Childbirth Classes Video - Full Transcription
Suzanne Clinton, RN - Prenatal Educator
Banner Desert Medical Center

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Childbirth Classes
Suzanne Clinton, RN - Prenatal Educator

Image: In a prenatal room, Suzanne Clinton, RN, speaks throughout video.

Audio:  “People are always asking me why they should take a childbirth class at Banner Desert, and my answer is always the same – the more information that you can get about what’s going to happen on the day of delivery, the more prepared, relaxed, and ready, you and your partner are going to feel about delivery.

Our childbirth classes, which include a prepared childbirth class, a caesarian class and the refresher class for moms who have already been through childbirth, cover everything from what door you should come to at Banner Desert when you think you’re in labor to exactly what’s going to happen after birth.”

The goal of our classes is to provide you with details that friends, family and even physicians sometimes forget to share with you. We’ll go over things like how to detect pre-term labor, how your coach can be supportive through labor, breathing and relaxation techniques and what will happen exactly after delivery. Of course, no class can ever go over every outcome of delivery, but we feel moms who take a childbirth class at Banner Desert are way more prepared and ready for delivery than those moms who don’t.

We want moms and their coaches to feel as comfortable as possible, before, during, and after delivery. That’s why we really do encourage you to take one of our prenatal classes.”

For more information on any of these classes, you can call (602) 230-CARE, which is (602) 230-2273. Or you can go online to”

Text: For more information, visit or call (602)230-CARE (2273)

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