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Baby Care Class
Learn "survival" skills for the new parent. Receive information on parenting skills, baby care and safety. Baby care basics are practiced on dolls in class. Topics include feeding, diapering, bathing and comforting your baby. You also will learn about signs and symptoms of illness and when to call the Pediatrician.

Just for Dads
This class is a must for all first-time dads! It is led by men for men, taught by a physician who himself is an experienced father. Topics include how to be supportive through labor, creating a Dad's tool box, what to do when the baby cries, what to expect postpartum, and balancing work and family. A certified car seat installation expert will be available during the last half hour of each class to help new dads install their car seats and answer safety questions.

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New Parent Classes Video - Full Transcription
Suzanne Clinton, RN -- Prenatal Educator
Banner Desert Medical Center

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New Parent Classes
Suzanne Clinton, RN - Prenatal Educator

Image: In a prenatal room, Suzanne Clinton, RN, speaks throughout video.

Audio:  “For new parents, we have two special classes that we offer at Banner Desert. One is the Baby Care class and, the other,a Just for Dads class.

In the Baby Care class, mom and her support person will learn together how to bathe, feed, diaper and comfort her baby. Also, you’ll learn how to keep your baby safe and when to call the pediatrician and things to look for to recognize a sick newborn.

The Just for Dads class is a new class that we now offer and it’s a must for first-time dads. It’s led by men for men and it’s taught by one of our pediatricians, who is also an experienced dad. Things that dad will learn about in this class is how to be supportive through labor, how to bond with your baby, ways to comfort your baby when they’re crying, what to expect postpartum, how you can balance work and family, and then some great tips on how to install that car seat. Also, you’ll create a Dad’s tool box.

For more information on either of these classes, you can call (602)230-CARE, or (602)230-2273. Or you can also go online to”

Text: For more information, visit or call (602) 230-CARE (2273)

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